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Entertainment > Streaming Reviews April 2022 Part 1

Streaming Reviews April 2022 Part 1

1) "To Be of Service"--Netflix--Documentary--1 hour & 20 minutes--about U.S. veterans, PSTD & dogs--emotions of the vets are raw, sometimes hard to hear and/or see--the dogs take up little space in this documentary but their worth to these men and women are as valuable as their vets service was to the USA--Listen to the words of the song at the end!

2) "King of Thieves"--Amazon Prime--film--1 hour & 48 minutes--based on a true story--take a good group, not of 'old men', but of veteran actors who know what they are doing and you get a thumbs up and salute to good old fashioned heist movies--while not quite as good it is entertaining hearing /seeing them excel at throwaway lines and have fun at their job as actors while in their 80s.

3) "Bad Vegan"--Netflix--documentary of true crime--6 episodes--3 hours & 28 minutes--a scam & toxic relationship along with true crime stories all over TV whether broadcast, streaming, cable, etc. & this is one more but as attractive as the victim is she seems to be too cold to elicit any sympathy, empathy or caring for her--Sarma Melnqailis, sorry, bored me and I didn't feel anything for her after listening to her talk to her dog and/or her coworkers talking for her.

4) "Black Mirror"--Netflix--5 seasons--22 episodes--season 1--3 episodes-2 hours & 35 minutes--all stories contained in each episode--sort of a"Twilight Zone" for the 21st century but not as finely written--many varied themes and a good cast of actors in each.

5) "Rescued By Ruby"--Netflix--film--based on a true story--1 hour & 33 minutes--yes, there are awes, tears and smiles & yes, you know from the beginning how it is going to end but all of that doesn't mean a thing ---both dog Ruby and the State Trouper get the 8th chance at a life they want--the 'Hollywood' ending seems contrived, not quite believable, but stay for the credits and you will see it is true.

6) "the Adam Project"--Netflix--movie--1 hour &46 minutes--I liked Ryan Reynolds in this though I haven't always been a fan of his--I can see how he became a STAR and all the cast here are of the best--I bet Mark Ruffalo can make anyone cry--I am and always have been a big fan of his--doesn't disappoint in this film--nothing earth-shattering (pardon the pun--you will understand that after you see the movie--see it and enjoy yourself and always read the critics AFTER you have seen a movie!

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