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Entertainment > Streaming Reviews--week of October 19, 2020

Streaming Reviews--week of October 19, 2020

1) "The Glorias"--Prime Video--Movie--2 hours & 27 minutes--Julie Taymor is an excellent director who adds too many gimmicks to her projects and this is no exception--do we really need 4 Gloria Steinem's at different ages in one scene or each at a different period? Do we need a road she is jogging on to turn into 3 different jogging machines? No! What we do get (fast-forwarding of these scenes and others) is the life of a strong, fascinating woman. Like a previous movie "Ms. America" which also revolves around the ERA fight in the 1970s and also appears in this movie, like Phyllis Schafly & Betty Frieden, it made me wonder why any woman would vote against that amendment--an excellent movie in spite of the gimmicks.

2) "Grand Army"--Netflix--Series--Season 1--9 episodes--8 hours--another teenage high school drama that shows they know how to curse, use filthy rap lyrics, etc.--It opens with a scene of one female retrieving a used condom left in another girl's body--I made it through 2 episodes and that was it!

3) "Kiss The Ground"--Netflix--Documentary--1 hour & 24 minutes--an amazing lesson in how regenerating the Earth's soil we can balance our changing climate, feed the world, replenish the water supply and get off the disastrous road we are currently on--you don't have to be a scientist, a genius or a politician to see what we are doing wrong--it shows you what we as an individual can do but more important what farmers can do including the mistakes governments are making--A MUST SEE!

4) "The Hollywood Masters"--Netflix--series--Season 1--11 episodes--6 hours and 10 minutes--interviews of Hollywood icons from Jake Gyllenhaal to James L. Brooks--poorly interviewed by Stephen Galloway--the result, though each segment is only about 30 minutes, is a waste of time.

5) "The Show"--Netflix--Movie--1 hour & 34 minutes--All I could think of is some bloggers making a big political statement when seeing this--all I saw was a satire gone bad--it is all about a TV personality who signs up for a show about a different 'contestant' committing suicide every week--laughing yet?

6) "The Paradise"--Prime Video--2 seasons--each season 8 episodes, each episode 52 minutes--a BBC production originally shown on PBS in 2012--life in a department store with a soapy, British attitude about 'classes'--excellent acting--laughs, drama, mystery, various relationships and just good old fun!

7) "Good Morning Veronica"--Netflix--Brazilian Series--Season 1--8 episodes--5 hours and 52 minutes-- a clerk at the Homicide Police station, run by he uncle, in Sao Paulo, gets involved with an abused wife case--holds your attention from the opening episode to the last--some disturbing violence handed subtly, if that's the word, and gets you involved in the woman--also a subplot about the clerk and a head female police officer who is looking to take over the uncle's position--if you like detective stories this is one to watch.

8) "I'm Leaving Now"--Netflix--Documentary--1 hour and 14 minutes--Felipe Hernandez, a Mexican immigrant, illegally living in Brooklyn for 16 years working hard to send his wife and their children money including a son he hasn't seen since the boy was 8 months old--Felipe is a hard worker, sometimes working 3-4 different jobs in one day--the co-directors of the film seem to not trust enough faith in Felipe to just tell his story--this is one of those rare films that should have been at least 15 minutes more--I can't say anything else without giving spoilers--due to the mishandling by the directors I really don't recommend it.

posted on Oct 23, 2020 3:45 PM ()

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