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Entertainment > Streaming Reviews--week of October 4 2020

Streaming Reviews--week of October 4 2020

1) "Emily in Paris"--Netflix--series--season 1--10 episodes running from 30-49 minutes each--total 5 hours and 54 minutes--Lilly Collins is a fish out of water--moves to Paris from Chicago for a special job opportunity with Kate Walsh as her Dragon Boss--took me 6 episodes to start enjoying this lightweight sit com--Collins is not Audrey Hepburn but she does model a gazillion outfits in each episode--she has 3 good looking men after her and a couple of sidekicks both in and outside of work. Easy to watch.

2) "Michelle Buteau: Welcome to Buteaupia"--Netflix--standup comedian--58 minutes--I really tried to like her 58 minutes I smiled twice with one bit including 'restaurant' and another I already forgot--she is a light-skinned American Black woman married to a White Danish guy and they have twins--yes, there are all the 'dirty' jokes about body parts and not getting sleep with having kids and on and on but nothing new--the best camera shot is of her parents when she is telling an off-color story--expressed my feelings exactly! I don't recommend it.

3) "Dick Johnson Is Dead"--Netflix--Documentary--1 hour and 30 minutes--daughter makes a film of her father and his eventual death, trying to come to terms with it--very disappointing until the last 10 minutes.

4) "Almost Love"--Netflix---Movie--1 hour and 30 minutes--I watched this film the whole time thinking I had seen it before--a lot of it very familiar--about a gay couple, a straight couple and 2 single women-- their relationship problems--I went through reviews I have written all year but didn't find one of this film--I only watched it for 90 minutes to see if I could remember it--a blank!

5) "So Much Love To Give"--Netflix--Argentinian movie--comedy--1 hour and 48 minutes--about a bigamist with 2 completely different families and what happens when the wives meet--not a must-see but funny.

6) "American Murder: The Family Next Door"--Netflix--1 hour and 23 minutes--if only 'why' could be answered--everything looked normal though she, the wife/mother, knew something was wrong and their life had changed but we learn how and not why--this all took place in 2018 and I remember reading about it and learned nothing new--

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