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Entertainment > Streaming Reviews--week of November 30, 2020

Streaming Reviews--week of November 30, 2020

1) "Christmas Chronicles 2"--Netflix--Movie--1 hour & 55 minutes--I won't be a Grinch--it is Kurt Russell & Goldie Hawn--special effects--it's Christmas--what else can I say?

2) "Uncle Frank"--Amazon Prime--Movie--1 hour & 35 minutes--in every family there is an Uncle Frank whether you know it or not, whether you care about them or not and every Uncle Frank to one degree or another will identify with this Uncle Frank--I hope each has a Wally & a Beth in their life--excellent.

3) "The Minions of Midas"--Netflix--Spanish series based on a Jack London story--6 episodes--5 hours & 16 minutes--I watched all 6 episodes & at the end I couldn't care who the minion(s) of Midas was in the car, which is what the whole story is about.

4) "Undercover"--Netflix--Belgian/Dutch series--2 seasons--20 episodes--8 hours & 33 minutes--suffered through season 1 of 'inspired' by true detective story--no reason to see season 2 for the solution.

5) "Shawn Mendez: In Wonder"--Netflix--documentary--1 hour & 23 minutes--had never heard of him--I watched it all--not my kind of music or singer or entertainment--for fans only?

6) "Yo Adolecente"--Netflix--Argentina Movie--1 hour & 37 minutes--a teenager exploring his sexuality and his friend who committed suicide--watch the last 7 minutes and you have seen the whole movie.

7) "Gypsy"--Netflix--American series--Season 1--10 episodes--8 hours & 37 minutes--why THAT title??--Naomi Watts plays a therapist who definitely needs a therapist and Billy Crudup her (WHY?) devoted husband--excellent actors wasted--I watched all 10 episodes and asked myself why I was watching it and what was it about?! I see no reason to renew it for another season and will I ever be able to stop watching something I don't like?

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