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Entertainment > Streaming Reviews--week of November 15, 2020

Streaming Reviews--week of November 15, 2020

1) "The Crown"--Netflix--series--Season 4--10 episodes--5 hours and 50 minutes--the best season so far--strong performances by Olivia Coleman as Queen Elizabeth II, Gillean Anderson as Margaret Thatcher and Emma Corrin as Princess Diana commanding the main roles with the latter going from a shy, deer in the lights, a girl growing into a woman with a secondary Emerald Fennell as Camilla, who certainly will be more in front in season 5. Josh O'Connor as Prince Charles and Tobias Menzies as his father Prince Philip shows the weaknesses and strengths of men ruled by women with the former almost making you feel sorry for him. A MUST SEE!

2) "Diana In Her Own Words"--Netflix--Documentary--1 hour and 52 minutes--There is no way a person can NOT feel sadness for and about her. I watched this after "The Crown" which was a smart move--watching a fictional series like The Crown you know that private scenes and conversations between people are made up by the writer and you hope there is some reality in what they say and do--Diana In Her Words makes a lot in The Crown more real. A MUST SEE!

3) "The Life Ahead"--Netflix--Movie--1 hour & 34 minutes--how dare Sophia Loren get old?!? Most people who watch this will remember the Oscar-winning actress at the height of her fame and her 'lusty' appearance--she still has that 'what made her a star' glow and the movie is a 'small', sweet, entertaining film--I originally saw Simone Signoret in the first movie version of this, called "Madame Rosa", and Loren's performance is as effective as Signoret's as the Jewish former prostitute who takes care of sex workers children and still bares the number given her in a concentration camp--a must-see for those who remember Loren in her fame days.

4) "Dash & Lily"--Netflix--Season 1--8 episodes--3 hours & 22 minutes--Dash is anti-Christmas while Lily loves everything about it--through puzzles in a red notebook the two finally meet--a cute, fun series and a good 'get in the Christmas mood' start for the holidays--wonder what season 2 will be about--enjoy.

5) "I Am Thinking Of Ending Things"--Netflix--Movie--2 hours & 14 minutes--don't waste a minute seeing this unless you want to see Toni Collette give a very rare bad performance!

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