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Entertainment > Streaming Reviews--week of Jan 3, 2021

Streaming Reviews--week of Jan 3, 2021

1) "History of Swear Words"--Series--season --6 episodes--each episode 20 minutes--hosted by Nic Cage--for a guy who doesn't curse I found all of this educational and funny.

2) "On My Block"--Series--3 Seasons--season 1--10 episodes--4 hours & 39 minutes--season 2--10 episodes--4 hours & 42 minutes--season 3--8 episodes--4 hours & 5 minutes--surprised me--thought it was just another teenage nothing but is a lot more--it is about family--we follow 4 high school teenagers--they are funny, touching, emotional kids who back up each other in a life that is not easy--halfway into the first season it became a must see for me.

3) "We Can Be Heroes"--Movie--1 hour & 40 minutes--funny, silly, imaginative, special effects 'to die for', fast paced fantasy--it seems Robert Rodriguez's mind never stops and the action doesn't--pure entertainment.

4) "Monarca"--Spanish Series--Season 1--10 episodes--7 hours & 8 minutes--Season 2--8 episodes--6 hours and 5 minutes--typical Mexican novella about a family involved with the mob and 3 children fighting about who takes over the business, of making tequila and building hotels, after father is killed--large cast with familiar story--for "Dynasty" lovers

5) "Murder in the Bayou"--Amazon Prime--Documentary--Season 1--5 episodes--4 hours & 29 minutes--an excellent fast paced mystery documentary though would have been much better if was edited to half the time--use of fast forward button will make it better.

6) "Nocturnal Animals"--Movie--1 hour & 56 minutes--this didn't last long in the movie theatres when it came out in 2016 or I would have seen it being a huge fan of Jake Gyllenhaal and Laura Linney--good, interesting until the end--a big disappointment

7) "The Midnight Sky"--Movie--2 hours--would have been a lot better on a large movie screen--the last time I saw a space picture that I didn't get was "2001 A Space Odyssey" in 1968 and the second time I saw it I 'lit up' (that was in my 'bad boy' days)--maybe that's what I needed for this--a strong cast with good directing by George Clooney but forgettable

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