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Entertainment > Streaming Reviews--week of December 27, 2020

Streaming Reviews--week of December 27, 2020

1) "Yearly Departed"--Amazon Prime--44 minutes and 2) "Death To 2020"--Netflix--1 hour & 10 minutes--2 'comedy' specials--almost 2 hours and no laughs but plenty of foul-mouthed women in the former and except for Hugh Grant and Lisa Kudrow in the former worth seeing a waste of your time in the new year! (And if I NEVER see Tiffany Haddish I will be happy!)

3) "Sylvie's Love"--Amazon Pride--Movie--1 hour & 55 minutes--How can any movie be bad when it haves Doris Day singing on the soundtrack? This is one of those 'they don't make anymore' and I wish they would--though you know the ending before it even starts you love every minute of--besides Doris Day the soundtrack is made up of a lot of good music and singers from, the 1950s and 1960s--my second favorite movie of December!

4) "Giving Voice"--Netflix--Documentary--1 hour & 30 minutes--Excellent--a look into the works of one of the best American playwrights August Wilson--budding high school actors from all over the USA audition doing monologues from his plays and we watch the final 6 competitors--you want all of them to win and the one I was rooting for came in second but they are all interesting human beings wanting to be in a tough business--A MUST SEE!

5) "How The States Got Their Shape"--Amazon Pride--Documentary series--season 1--10 episodes--7 hours--until I came across the title I had never given it a thought! Originally on the History channel, it is an interesting, educational (in a good way), look into the growth of a country--Brian Unger is a good, fun host--more than worth your time.

6) "Bridgerton"--Netflix--series--season 1--8 episodes--8 hours and 7 minutes--mix Rhonda Rhimes ("Grey's Anatomy", "Scandal", "How To Get Away With Murder") with PBS Masterpiece get ready for a fun, meaningless romp in the 19th century--a lot of chemistry between the leads--smoldering sex, very funny, the voice of Julie Andrews as a gossip writer of the time and hundreds of outrageous wigs worn by the queen making it alone worth seeing and waiting for season 2--get lost in a sexy, funny world of another time.

7) "The Surgeon's Cut"--Netflix--Documentary series--4 episodes--3 hours & 36 minutes-- renowned surgeons talk about their life and their work--some graphic scenes which I found hard to watch--strange, but a doctor can do whatever he wants to me still I can't watch him/her cut up someone else--a fascinating look at what makes a doctor and how/why they improvise on people's lives--the first episode alone is mind-boggling--or, at least, was to me!

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