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Entertainment > Streaming Reviews--week of December 6, 2020

Streaming Reviews--week of December 6, 2020

1) "Sound of Metal"--Netflix--Movie--2hours & 12 minutes--Get past the opening until the title appears you will stay--it is a hard picture to watch but A GOOD ONE!!

2) "AVA"--Netflix--Movie--1 hour & 37 minutes--skip it--"Atomic Blonde" with Charlize Theron is a lot better even though has a lot of violence TOO!

3) "Untold Tales of Armistead Maupin"--Netflix--Documentary--1 hour & 29 minutes--he is 8 years younger than me but we have lived through many of the same things and have had, and have, many of the same thoughts--definitely for people who enjoyed his "Tales of the City" plus likes gossip--A MUST SEE!

4) "Grand Army"--Netflix--Series--first season--9 episodes--7 hours & 50 minutes--another teenagers in high school series--in this one in Brooklyn--a lot of anxiety and sex plus race issues--held my interest enough to want to see season 2--maybe because I don't remember having half the problems kids seem to have in high school these days (or I have forgotten)-- not a must but INTERESTING!

5) "Wanderlust"--Netflix--Series--first season--6 episodes--5 hours & 43 minutes--last week it was "Gypsy" this week "Wanderlust"--another female therapist needs a therapist--Toni Collette is excellent but series is far from that--except for her NOT WORTH YOUR TIME!

6) "Royal House of Windsor"--Netflix--Documentary--Series--6 episodes--4 hours & 51 minutes--between The Crown, Diana In Her Own Words and this I am about, not quite, 'Windsored' out--INTERESTING HISTORY

7) "Mank"--Netflix--Movie based on true story--2 hours & 12 minutes--behind the scenes of the script for "Citizen Kane"--mainly for movie nerds, people interested in old Hollywood and/or what the 30s looked like as far as cars, clothes, homes, etc., but not emotionally moving--another movie with good acting and production values but a DISAPPOINTING SCREENPLAY!

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