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Gay, Poor Old Man

Entertainment > Streaming Reviews--may 2022--part 3

Streaming Reviews--may 2022--part 3

1) "Sex Education"--Netflix---Season 3--8 episodes---7 hours & 24 minutes--at the end of season 3 everything and nothing is solved so they are open to another season which is said to start in Fall 2022--season 3 is a repeat of the first season with all kinds of sex couplings (or not) are presented--everyone from the kids to the adults have problems--what can season 4 do? Repeat the first 3 seasons with some new 'faces'? Why not? People love the series as it is!

2) "One Child Nation"--Prime Amazon--documentary--1 hour & 28 minutes--a hard movie to watch and leave a lot of questions open about thousand of kids who don't know they have birth parents and/or siblings living in the US--restricting a family to only having one child causes many problems--same, worse or better than not allowing abortions? Watch and decide!

3) "I Am Not Your Negro"--Netflix--documentary--1 hour & 33 minutes--after years of being an admirer of James Baldwin, the writer, I met him at a YMCA talk he gave in the mid 1970s--while I didn't agree with all that he said I wasn't smart enough, at that time, to challenge and after gaining wisdom I'm glad I didn't--you may not get to know Baldwin, the writer, you will get to know the Black, Gay, Baldwin who still speaks more for the Black man than the Gay man--he is a part of American history

4) "Hard Cell"--Netflix--series--season 1--6 episodes--2 hours & 30 minutes--I am not familiar with Catherine Tate but reading her credits, including "The Office" she has a following but she has taken on too much here from writing the story to playing 6 different roles, directing and creating the series--most of the comedy falls flat and trying to make the story about a women's prison putting on a production of "West Side Story" does not help!

5) "A Hero"--Prime Amazon--Iranian drama--2 hours & 8 minutes--an interesting story--the director/screenwriter in real life is being sued for plagiarism for stealing her story from a thesis she wrote--the movie, not her thesis, does move a bit too slow but, at the same time, shows a lot about Iran's way of life and dealing with prisoners and their possibly getting out of their sentence by paying their monetary debt.

posted on May 17, 2022 9:36 AM ()

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