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Entertainment > Streaming Reviews---may 2022--part 2

Streaming Reviews---may 2022--part 2

1) "Grace & Frankie"--Netflix--Season 7--Part 2--12 episodes--5 hours & 34 minutes--end of series--this series reminds you of early television when a show 'invaded' your house and brought pleasure with each episode but except for a small attempt allowing for age and how it changes you they want to, and do, entertain you--it opened with the husbands (Sam Waterson & Martin Sheen) of the 2 women leaving them to live with each other and the women asking "What now?"--the 4 leads are dynamite as are the rest of the cast but the spotlight is on the 2 women and they deliver--Tomlin gets a laugh just with a look and with Fonda they work together like the pros they are but, obviously, enjoying their friendship--a great, fun show to stream!

2) "Ozark"--Netflix--Season 4--part 2--7 episodes--7 hours & 8 minutes--another series coming to an end--while each season had its ups and downs Laura Linney & Ruth Langmore--the former never giving a bad performance and the latter equaling her, basically, making her a new star--there is a lot of gambling, drug dealing, double crossing, not as much sex but dealing with families relationships--I wasn't happy with the ending with certain cast members but unlike movies/shows from years ago this, in most cases, shows that crime does pay! Richard Thomas and Veronica Falcon give strong support.

3) "Oprah And Viola"--Netflix--Special Event--48 minutes--when you hear Viola Davis talk about hearing rats eating her porcelain doll you can feel how it means to be poor if you never were --she is talking with Oprah about her book, "Finding Me--A Memoir" and while I like Oprah I LOVE Viola Davis--a few quotes from her/her book: "My dreams had to be bigger than my fears," "When faced with empathy and compassion you know you are being seen" but it is her talk with God about the type of man she wants is laughable, heartening, romantic and you can hear her waiting for His answer--Viola Davis is a force of nature and Oprah, one herself, knows just what to ask so we get to know the woman behind the actress--definitely a MUST SEE!

4) "Russian Doll"--Netflix--season 2--7 episodes---3 hours & 27 minutes--like season 1 season 2 doesn't make much sense but Natasha Lyonne who stars in it and co-wrote it holds your attention just like she did in the previous season--instead of living the same day over and over this time she has gone back in time to 1982 and not only is she herself she is her mother too--it doesn't have to make sense, just listen to the wisecracks--she sometimes plays her mother while other times Chloe Sevigny does, sometimes she is on a subway in NYC and sometimes it is 1962 and in Germany or Russia or who knows--and a plus is having Elizabeth Ashley as a tie between mother and daughter.

5) "Elite"--Netflix--Spanish series--season 5--8 episodes--6 hours & 12 minutes--it is a repeat of the first 4 seasons--the couplings, uncoupling, the crying, the changes, the gay or straight, the is he or she or isn't, he did what! There are mostly old characters with a few new ones thrown in and possibly one shocker regarding who is having sex with who but all in all if you watched the first four seasons you'll like this season and the way it ends--somewhat logical!

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