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Gay, Poor Old Man

Entertainment > Streaming Reviews---august 2021---part 3

Streaming Reviews---august 2021---part 3

1) "The Two Popes"--Netflix--filmed in Argentina and Italy--2 hours and 6 minutes--2 master actors--an excellent script--did the 2 Popes meet and speak the words the screenwriter Anthony McCarten says they did? Who cares? It makes for great movie making--yes, I know/knew the ending but I swear I didn't breath watching the outcome except for tears I shred--POWERFUL, BASED ON THE TRUE STORY, FILM

2) "The Meyerwitz Story"--Netflix--movie--1 hour & 50 minutes--Let's talk about family dysfunction which always makes for a good movie--well with a cast where Candice Bergan has a cameo, Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller have to fight Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson to be noticed on screen you know this is a good movie--DUSTIN HOFFMAN & ADAM SANDLER ALMOST WALK AWAY WITH THE MOVIE BUT THE COMPETITION IS STRONG

3) "Paddleton"--Netflix--movie--1 hour & 28 minutes--2 lonely men, neighbors, spend every evening together watching a Kung Fu movie and eating pizza--Michael (Mark Duplass) has just been diagnosed with cancer and Andy (Ray Romano) agrees to see him through the end--it is the rare story of 2 men, not gay, being good friends with one recruiting the other to seek a physician assisted suicide for/with him--THIS FILM TOOK ME COMPLETELY BY SURPRISE IN A GOOD WAY

4) "Holding The Man"--Netflix--Australian movie--2 hours & 8 minutes--I first saw, and reviewed, this in August 2020, and watching it now I felt I was seeing it for the first time--here was my review then " Based on a true story and book written by Timothy Conigrave who died 10 days after finishing the book at the age of 34. It is about the love between him, a drama student, and John Caleo, a football player, who met in school, came of age during the AIDS crisis and were together for the next 15 years. Though some parts may have called for it the movie is free of maudlin sentiment, nor is it indignant or evangelizing, just a beautiful love story that may have a 'happy ever after ending' depending on how you see it." STILL A BEAUTIFUL LOVE STORY

5) "The Movies That Made us"--Netflix--documentary series---season 2--4 episodes--3 hours and 8 minutes--films covered: Back to The Future, Pretty Woman, Jurassic Park and Forrest Gump--don't know how many times I saw "Pretty Woman" but after watching this I want to see it again--THIS IS DEFINITELY FOR ANY MOVIE FAN

6) "Pray Away"--netflix--documentary--1 hour & 20 minutes--'christians' can be harmful and do so much harm in the name of Jesus yet don't listen to Him--the 'love' of 'leaders' of 'ex-gays' groups kill more people in the name of the Lord--this is the story of one such organization, Exodus, a conversion therapy group and others like them--many tell their story-- followers and opponents--and yet 2 of the people who have started other groups refused to be interviewed--many ran these groups without a degree in any mental health field, social work, counseling, psychiatry BUT they had a certification from the Lord to pray the gay away--many of the stories end in tragedy from the harm they have caused and, sadly, many are gay--THIS FILM EXPOSES THE CHARLATANS OF THE CHURCH WHO SEEM TO MAKE A GOOD LIVING OFF THE MISERY OF OTHERS--HARD TO WATCH BUT A MUST SEE

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