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Entertainment > Streaming & TV Networks--reviews

Streaming & TV Networks--reviews

"Upload"--series --Prime Video--I was going to quit after the first episode. It struck me as just another raunchy teenage sci-fi picture neither of which I like but I stayed for a few more episodes and now I can't wait for season 2!

"For Life"--series--ABC--Tuesday 10 PM--I've watched it all season and I don't know why!! It has been renewed for another season, whenever that might be.

"All Rise"--series--CBS--I loved this, the first season, so of course it was canceled! I am hoping Netflix or Prime Video pick it up. The cast is solid with the lead, Simone Missick, a standout who I am looking forward to seeing a lot more.

"Murder to Mercy: The Cyntoia Brown Story"--documentary--Netflix--I was unfamiliar with her or the case against her and though not really edited well it is an intriguing and frightening look at 'justice'.

"The Eddy"--Limited series--8 episodes each 53 to 70 minutes--Netflix--if you love jazz you'll hang in up to the third episode for it to really get to you. A lot of original jazz though it took me awhile to adjust to the singer. There is a mystery that could have been cut out and made the rest of the series more interesting. Though the series revolves Andre Holland each episode gives exposure to another character. By the third episode, I was hooked on the characters and the jazz!

"Baptiste"--series--PBS--Sunday 10 PM--Tcheky Kayro is excellent as a detective and the story grabs you from the first episode. It takes place in Amsterdam and all is not what it seems.

"World of Fire"--series--PBS---Sunday 9 PM--takes place in England and Europe at the start of WW2 with far too many characters and storylines. I'm hanging in there and I don't know why! Also, Helen Hunt looks like she has been to the plastic surgeon too much and is very distracting to me whenever she appears on the screen.

"Outer Banks"--series--Netflix--Season 1--10 episodes--50 minutes each--a teenage drama that takes place in North Carolina and isn't very original but it is entertaining in an old-fashioned way though the sex is more 2000!

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