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Entertainment > Streaming--netflix--7 Reviews

Streaming--netflix--7 Reviews

1) A MUST SEE--"IMMIGRATION NATION"--DOCUMENTARY--6 EPISODES--6 HOURS AND 15 MINUTES--I don't care how much you think you know about immigration in the United States you don't know anything!! Do you have any idea how many veterans have been deported after serving as, say, a Marine, honorably for years who has done no wrong has been deported and can't get back into the States? Do you know how many billions of dollars 'illegal' immigrants pay in taxes every year? Do you have any idea how many kids are taken away from their parents? Do you know how much private companies in cooperation with ICE make for each immigrant 'caught'? Do you know our laws are being broken by our law enforcers? Do you have any idea how many immigrants don't get paid for the work they do for contractors with ties to politics? PLEASE WATCH THIS!

2) John Leguizamo's "Latin History For Morons"--solo stage performance--1 hour and 30 minutes--he is a brilliant actor and comedian and there is a lot to learn here plus a lot to laugh at if only he would clean the language up (but that's my 'thing'!)

3) "The Claudia Kishi Club"--short film--17 minutes--Having seen "The Baby Sitter's Club" figured I might watch this--basically shows how an Asian character affects other characters--as the 'Club' this is mainly for teenage girls.

4) "The Governor"--Nigerian series--Season 1--13 episodes--9 hours and 37 minutes--your head will spin seeing the costume changes of the lead actress who becomes Governor after the previous Governor dies. I've watched 5 episodes so far and a lot of the acting is off-putting as are some of the secondary storylines but Caroline Chikezie as the new Governor is a winner. Also, the main story of a woman handling a 'man's job' is strong.

5) "Work It"--the movie--1 hour and 33 minutes--Teenagers in high school enter a dance competition. Nothing new but goof free form dancing except the female lead who really can't dance.

6) "As Long As I'm Famous"--the movie--1 hour and 32 minutes--name dropping trash but not even good trash!

7) "The Lost Husband"--the movie--1 hour and 30 minutes--seen this type of movie a million times but the 'hot farmer' is hot! Sadly no chemistry with the female lead.

posted on Aug 14, 2020 4:52 PM ()

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