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Entertainment > Streaming--12 Reviews--netflix

Streaming--12 Reviews--netflix

Obviously I have too much time on my hands!!!

1) "Her Mother's Killer"--series--season 1--10 episodes--9 hours and 30 minutes--what South American people call a telenovela and North American people call a soap opera this fits the categories with all the twists, turns, melodrama, along with fine performances, scenery and certainly high production values. Analia had seen her mother killed and now, 28 years later, she is back to avenge her mother's killer. It's fun.

2) "Captive"--Documentary--Season 1--8 episodes--8 hours 22 minutes--each episode tells the story of different hostages, sometimes many, like in "Lucasville" where 8 security guards are held hostage in prison while "The Cola Kidnap" is about the Coca Cola Heiress in Brazil who is kidnaped for $20 million. Varies from engrossing to just okay.

3) "Biohackers"--Series--season 1--4 hours and 21 minutes--I watched the whole first season in one night and I don't know why! Also, I can't wait for the second season and, again, I don't know why! It certainly held my interest and I am not usually into sci-fi but I don't know if I would recommend it.

4) "Chemical Hearts"--Movie--1 hour and 33 minutes--sappy teenage love story but you'll get caught up in it especially when love and heartbreak are defined in chemical terms!

5) "A Girl Like Grace"--Movie--1 hour and 33 minutes--a run of the mill story of a teenager awakening to her sexuality.

6) "The Crimes That Bind"--Argentinian Movie--English Subtitles--1 hour and 39 minutes--for a melodrama it doesn't have too much drama.

7) "Project Power"--Movie--1 hour and 53 minutes--a waste of time--a good thing for fast forward.

8) "World's Most Wanted"--Documentary--season 1--5 episodes--3 hours and 54 minutes--a look at criminals from all over the world--none as spellbinding as the fictional "GodFather" or "Scarface".

9) "Lingua Franca"--Filipina Movie made in New York--1 hour and 35 minutes-- Interesting idea but unfulfilling--ending doesn't make any sense. Isabel Sandoval, a trans woman, wrote, directed and stars in the movie.

10) "I Am A Killer"--Documentary--season 1--3 episodes--1 hour and 44 minutes--from the beginning something didn't sound right and it wasn't until the 3rd episode where the prosecutor says what he feels happened did I agree with anything said in the story.

11) "Dating Around: Brazil"--a reality show--first season--6 episodes--2 hours and 40 minutes--in each episode a person dates 5 different people and then picks one for a second date. All you have to do is watch the first and last 5 minutes of each episode and you have seen the show. What makes it different, but not really interesting, is you have a straight man, a gay man, a straight woman, a gay woman and a trans man.

12) "John Was Trying To Contact Aliens"--Documentary--16 minutes--John Shepherd spent 30 years trying to contact aliens with all kinds of music--he was raised by his grandparents in a rural area of Michigan and is gay--you will be completely caught up with his story in the last 5 minutes!

Meanwhile, I have finished watching all 5 seasons of "Lucifer" and hope there is a sixth and am in the second season of "Rake" and both Rake and Lucifer are winning losers!!!

posted on Sept 1, 2020 3:19 PM ()

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