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Entertainment > Movies > "Her Smell"--movie Review

"Her Smell"--movie Review

I don't want to say it but I can't help myself--forgive me! "Her Smell" should have been entitled, "She Smells". For the first hour and a half, we watch a rock star spiral down from fame after too many drugs, not being able to handle fame, care for her daughter, losing her ex, not showing up on time for concerts if even showing up at all, doing a recording session, basically having a complete breakdown. The director, Alex Ross Perry, shows us all of it through a regular camera, a handheld camera, a phone camera while traveling back and forth in time not to forget having all the cameras swirling, upside down, going ever each way. The director, who also wrote the script, convinced us, showed us, that she was having a breakdown but instead of telling it in 15 minutes he took 90 minutes. Perry is the sort of director that if he shows two women kissing he has to show them kissing 10 times just in case we missed the point! I was ready to leave at the 30-minute point and said so to Allen at least 5 more times! For the last 40-45 minutes of the film, we see her recovery and then get to the 'Hollywood' ending. Elisabeth Moss has proven herself an excellent actress and draws many audience members to see her television series but if the audience at today's showing is any indication, 3 of us, she isn't a movie draw! Okay, will give her a benefit of a doubt because the final Avengers did open today also. I won't rewrite my opening play on words but this film is definitely on my worst films of the year but "The Climax" is still in first place! Synopsis Becky Something (Elisabeth Moss) is a '90s punk rock superstar who once filled arenas with her grungy all-female trio Something She. Now she plays smaller venues while grappling with motherhood, exhausted bandmates, nervous record company executives, and a new generation of rising talent eager to usurp her stardom. When Becky's chaos and excesses derail a recording session and national tour, she finds herself shunned, isolated and alone. Forced to get sober, temper her demons, and reckon with the past, she retreats from the spotlight and tries to recapture the creative inspiration that led her band to success. Movie Trailer

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