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Entertainment > TV Reviews Week 3 June 2020

TV Reviews Week 3 June 2020

1) Beecham House PBS Sunday 10 PM--6 episodes--I was really impressed with the settings and cast-- looking forward to the next 5 Sundays BUT I just read in the Hollywood Reporter that it has a major cliffhanger but hasn't been renewed for a 2nd season so watch it at your own risk.

2) Da 5 Bloods--Netflix--Spike Lee's new movie--at 2 hours and 36 minutes too long--he tries to cover too much--direction is excellent as is the cast but needed/needs more editing.

3) Grantchester--PBS Sunday 9 PM--Season 5 (first 4 seasons available on Prime Video) It is my first time seeing this show and while not 'a must-see' it is enjoyable enough for me to see the whole season.

4) The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson--Netflix--Documentary--1 hour and 45 minutes--Something that should have interested me but didn't--instead of concentrating on the title person, a rule breaker in many ways starting with being a transgender activist, 2/3rds of the film is given to non-interesting people.

5) *What Happened, Miss Simone?--Netflix--Documentary--1 hour and 42 minutes--if you are familiar with Miss Simone or ever heard her sing "Mississippi, G-d Damn" or you are not familiar with her this is still a MUST SEE! Okay, I am a huge fan of hers, used to have every recording of hers and saw her in person 8 times but was totally unaware of her being brutalized by her policeman husband, who wasn't/isn't the least apologetic among other surprises. The fact that I never fail to get a tear in my eye when she sings "I Loves You Porgy" always amazes me.

6) The Woods--Netflix--Series--6 episodes--5 hours and 6 minutes--I know I watched the first episode but I don't remember it at all nor do I remember if I watched any of the other episodes--can I blame old age? Or it was/is just bad? And/or boring?

Reminder: *MUST SEE "Hamilton" on Disney+ July 3--Hasan Minhaj, a political comedian on Netflix--Money Heist series on Netflix--What Happened, Miss Simone (see #5)

posted on June 19, 2020 2:57 PM ()

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