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Entertainment > Movies > The 'New' Gateway Theatre & a Review Of

The 'New' Gateway Theatre & a Review Of


The 'old' Gateway theatre has new owners and they are redoing the theatre--this is the 'old
The Gateway Theatre opened March 24, 1951 with the world premiere of “Up Front” starring David Wayne. It was operated by Wometco Theatres as a single screen venue with 1,500 seats, all on a single floor. The theatre had its own 500-car paved parking lot. Sunrise Cinemas later operated the the theatre and has converted it to a fourplex. "Where The Boys Are" had its premiere here in 1960.It runs the latest in fine art, foreign and independent films. It is noted as one of Fort Lauderdale’s landmark theatres. Much of its original style has been preserved in the conversion to a fourplex. The new owners---Paradigm company--has started their renovation.

They are starting a complete renovation and, hopefully, their current prices will be in effect when they are finished--the daytime $6 for seniors and the $5 Tuesdays look good! (Bottom left photo.) They have replaced their old seats (for which I had brought a neck pillow to be comfortable will not be needed anymore!) with recliner, high back comfortable chairs-- sorry but it was too dark to get a good shot (bottom right). I just hope they keep some of the mementos they had previously such as the comment board, old motion picture stills, newspaper stories from the 'old' days, etc., in the lobby/concession area (top picture on the right.) Will keep you up to date with the changes--they might even fill Allen's wish with a new modern marquee!!

"The Good Boss" with Javiar Bardem--2 hours--at the Gateway Theatre--Bardem is one of those actors who never gives a bad performance whether playing the good guy or the villain and in this film he is a combination of both being the owner who cares for his employees but still has an eye on what's good for his business--it is a Spanish film with English subtitles--I lost count of all the marital affairs going on and I felt a little more explanation could have been given regarding the intern's subplot with one not too plausible--Bardem, as the boss, thinks he is in control but really isn't and the actor looks and acts the role just right and he is supported by an excellent cast--the film is a low key comedy and it's good seeing a film on the large 'silver screen'!!

posted on Sept 16, 2022 4:23 PM ()

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