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Entertainment > Movies > Movies, Series, Documentaries on Netflix--reviews

Movies, Series, Documentaries on Netflix--reviews

1) "13 Reasons Why"--I tried, I really tried, but I had to quit after the 4th episode. I could not get interested in the story or any character. 4 seasons--49 episodes--average time per episode is 57 minutes.

2) "Atlantics"--movie--1 hour and 44 minutes--forget it unless you really LOVE ghosts!

3) "Lenox Hill"--Documentary--8 episodes--about 7 hours--I watched 4 episodes and that was enough! Interesting but not enough to involve me for 4 more episodes.

4) "Queen of the South"--series--4 seasons--each episode about 41 minutes. I saw this series when it started on the USA channel and I 'fell in love' with Alice Braga who kept me glued to the TV set. Then I cut the cable and figured that was it but it is now on Netflix starting where I had left it. She is mesmerizing as a lowly money changer in Mexico and then becoming the head of a drug cartel. There is a bit too much violence for me but I can't/won't take my eyes off Braga. Yes, some of it is silly but there is a lot of suspense and a first-rate cast.

5) "Cargo"--movie--1 hour 43 minutes--Forget it even if you are into zombies. A double bill of "Atlantics" and "Cargo" could make you give up TV forever!!

6) "Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich"--Documentary--4 episodes--3 hours and 44 minutes in total. The women/girls most under 21, get a chance to tell their side of the story. The men all deny whatever the women say. Alan Dershowitz is 'lower' than Epstein which is saying a lot! You can skip the middle 2 episodes and watch the 4th which gives their women their day in court!

A Bonus: Only if you have watched all of "Money Heist" see "Money Heist: The Phenomenon"--a 57 minute documentary with a lot of spoilers. It tells how the series became such a big hit plus how and what happened to the actors! The series alone was worth cutting the cable and getting Netflix!

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