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Entertainment > Movies > "Don't Look Up"--movie Theatre Review

"Don't Look Up"--movie Theatre Review

Adam McKay wrote, produced and directed "Don't Look Up" using farce and star names to get his ideas--too many ideas--in this 2 hour and 18 minutes of which an hour could have been cut and made for a much better picture. From a take-off of Trump, in the form of Meryl Streep, a blonde in this movie just in case people didn't get the idea of who McKay was making fun of, he adds the crowd chanting, wearing hats with DLU on them, to a president who doesn't believe in science and just happens to be narcissistic, the writer throws a hundred ideas in the movie with, possibly, 5 landing with the audience!

His throwing in a different 'name', every few minutes doesn't help, though all do their job, as the audience just waits to see who will show up next instead of what the one on screen is trying to get across. The standouts in the cast are Jennifer Lawrence, Cate Blanchette, Melanie Lynsky and Mark Rylance, the latter strictly because his character is very annoying and he gets that across from his entrance!

I don't know if McKay or Leonardo DiCaprio decided that the latter playing an astronomer should be the most sexless, non-good looking man possible, which isn't easy but they succeed and is very distracting to the film especially when Blanchette and Lynsky are involved with him.

Jennifer Lawrence, as one of two astronomers who predict, accurately, that an asteroid will land on earth demolishing all life in 6 months and she takes command of the movie in every scene she is in no matter who is appearing with her.

There are many special effects, too many extended for too long, just as Adam McKay threw too many ideas in one film for it to be successful.

posted on Dec 17, 2021 4:26 PM ()


My renters, 50-something Trumpers thought it was fabulous, raved about how hilarious it was. They did realize it was political satire (not always a given with those two).
comment by traveltales on Jan 2, 2022 7:37 AM ()

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