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Life & Events > Leap Year/day Celebration Ends March 1, 2020

Leap Year/day Celebration Ends March 1, 2020

The celebration of my 21st Leap Year/Day ended with brunch with Betsy, Bob, Terry, Chuck and me at the Aruba Cafe on the beach right off Commercial Boulevard in the town of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea.

Parking there is not the easiest so Betsy and Bob got there before the rest of us and sneaky people that they are (not really--I love them!) they sabotaged me. When we joined them at the table I told the server to make sure I got the check but I didn't get it! Guess who did? Yes, Bob and Betsy!!

Did I mention that every time Chuck, Terry and I ate out they picked up the check? We are talking Heart Rock Sushi, The Quarterdeck and The Courtyard. Surprisingly, we went to the Heart Rock Sushi instead of Big Louie's, which is two doors down, because they had Italian food the night before---that's a lame excuse to me but because they are good people I will let them get away with it. (And I know Terry loves their garlic rolls!)

Betsy & Bob returned to their home in North Florida while Chuck & Terry went up to Tampa for a few days and then back to their home in Tennessee.

And me?? Heck, I've been telling everyone about the party and now 16 days later time to get on to other subjects but I do want to say I love all the people who helped me become an adult!!

You too!

PS Who knew carrot cake was fattening?!

posted on Mar 16, 2020 3:08 PM ()

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