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Life & Events > Leap Year/day 2020 Celebration Part 2

Leap Year/day 2020 Celebration Part 2

Of course, you can never have too much carrot cake! On the birthday cake (made at 12 & 13) the top layer was chocolate and the bottom was carrot cake. When I got home I opened John's present which he had wrapped himself (#5) thinking I would never figure out how to open it! HA! It was in the shape of a cake so there was no way I couldn't/wouldn't open it! Lo and behold! A carrot cake!! Sure I had to have a taste but I didn't eat it all--I had taken home what was left of the carrot birthday cake.

I did get the numbers wrong on three of the pictures. #2 was one of my gifts handmade by Gene while #3 should have been the picture of just some of the cards I received--people do send snail mail cards! #4 should have been over the top far right corner picture, just one shot of one of the available buffet tables. (I have a feeling when I get back the pictures that are being developed at CVS there will be more food pictures!)

Numbers 6,7 & 8 is a present I got from Chuck & Terry--not to forget they picked up the checks at Heart Sushi Rock, The Quarterdeck and The Courtyard! So far I have used it as a bed cover, a wrap while watching TV and now a throw over my couch but I have a feeling it might wind up as hanging on one of my walls!

#11 is the bag it came in. Also, they gave me the red sprinkled Happy Birthday top hat in picture 4.

posted on Mar 8, 2020 2:33 PM ()

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