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Entertainment > Movies > "Free Guy"--movie Theatre Review

"Free Guy"--movie Theatre Review

The two main positives of "Free Guy" as a movie are Ryan Reynolds and the special effects--not necessarily in that order. The main negative is that not being high tech and never having played, or been interested, in video games I was more or less lost the first 50 minutes of the film.

Non-people (aka non-player character or NPC) in video games are loved by their creators and so it happens that 'the guy in the blue shirt', also known as Guy, who we see getting up every morning, saying hello to his goldfish, dressing the same every day, picks up his coffee order on the way to work and, as a bank teller, is in the bank every day when robbers come in to rob it then.............

Jodie Comer, of "Killing Eve" does a super job as the creator of Molotovgirl and does even better playing her! Now if only Ryan Reynolds had played the co-creator even though also portrays Dude, with his face superimposed onto bodybuilder Aaron W. Reed through visual effects.

Regarding the special effects there is no way this movie can be as effective on a television screen, no matter how large it might be, as it is on a average 30 to 90 feet by a 10 to 30 feet wide movie screen. The effects are wild, crazy, chases, killings, a take-off on Star Wars, things melting away, buildings disappearing and then it gets better!

This has a large cast and all are engaging but from the opening shot to the closing it revolves around Reynolds and I must say he is a charming guy--no pun intended--and I will remember the movie because of him.

"Free Guy" is not a classic nor a movie I would want to see again and again but it was fun and I learned about video games!

posted on Aug 27, 2021 8:14 PM ()

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