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Food & Drink > Good Spirits -- Restaurant Review

Good Spirits -- Restaurant Review

From my waiter's point of view, though it wasn't that busy--it was about 2 PM--the parties were spread out and I believe the two waiters on duty were alternating parties so they had parties inside and outspread apart from each other. The restaurant should have been divided in half so both had tables inside and out but closer together for better service. (To better understand it you would have to know the layout of the restaurant.)

The bartender was also serving food at the bar and the manager was a working manager so there was really no faulting the crew.
The restaurant was pleasantly laid out--I couldn't see the TV in the bar area which makes me happy--with cushions in the booths, but a little too 'busy' with the decor.

Living on a restricted budget I had avoided coming here for lunch as I heard it was expensive but came across a 2-4-1 lunch coupon requiring a beverage purchase so after shopping at the Dollar Tree--make out of that what you will--we went to Good Spirits for lunch.

Allen had The Bolo made of Rigatoni Pasta, Italian Sausage, Tomatoes, Basil in Pecorino Parmesan ($18 lunch, $20 dinner) and an Arnold Palmer ($4) and loved it with 2 'complaints' the first being 'too hot' heat wise and he was annoyed by the basil leaves mixed in. I explained that we were right near the kitchen and pasta has to be served hot as it gets cold very quickly.

I had the Cordon Blue made of Chicken, Swiss Cheese, Serrano Ham on a bed of Asparagus and a Parmesan Creme sauce ($19 lunch, $23 dinner) and an Iced Tea ($4). It was served hot and the sauce was tasty but though I love vegetables Al Dente these were too hard consequently hard to cut. I, also, didn't care for the way the chicken was made as I don't recall ever having it breaded/fried in this dish.

Our check came to $37.87 with tax, tip, minus the $18 coupon plus a 20% tip based on what would have been the original total.
It was an enjoyable lunch but it is not a place I would go back to because there was nothing 'special' about it for me.

posted on Apr 11, 2019 6:07 PM ()

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