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Entertainment > Movies > Gloria Bell-- Movie Review

Gloria Bell-- Movie Review

There are a few actresses that are a delight to see no matter what picture they are in or no matter how bad the movie might be and in the case of "Gloria Bell" it is a delight to watch Julianne Moore sing, dance, act in a good movie.

We have seen many movies--too many--of men in their mid-life crisis but very few women going through their own and, to a certain degree, that is what we are witnessing here. Gloria has been divorced for 12 years, her son and daughter have flown the nest and she has a job as an insurance agent, also recently has been diagnosed with an eye condition that will require her to take drops the rest of her life though we are never told (or I missed it) exactly what condition she has.

She doesn't seem to have many friends but does enjoy herself singing, slightly off-key, along with old disco and rock songs on the radio while driving and goes to dance at clubs aimed mainly at middl-aged folks. One night she meets Arnold (John Turturro), a divorcee who is tied to his ex and his two grown single daughters and they start an affair.

"Gloria Bell" is again written and directed by Sebastion Lelio who did a 2013 Spanish version of this film and Americanized this version. He tries to tell too many stories and would have served the movie better by eliminating 2 or 3 of them. While the hairless cat, the upstairs suicidal neighbor, her daughter running off to Norway with a professional surfer and her son left at home to raise his baby as his wife takes off to the desert shows a few sides to Gloria and how she reacts in each case I would have rathered he spent more time on Gloria's current life, her wants and needs. There are a two scenes with her mother played by Holland Taylor were telling and should have been expanded.

The ending is sort of open-ended but if you know the words to Laura Branigan's disco hit you might have some idea of what will come.

Just an aside/observation, with all that is going on in Hollywood these days I am surprised actresses aren't insisting that each time they have to show frontal nudity the male in the scene has to also though I admit Julianne Moore is much better to look at nude than any of the males in her scenes would!

"Gloria Bell", as is Julianne Moore, is easy on the eyes as the songs are on the ears and touches on a subject not often seen on the screen enough for us, the audience, who should want to learn and see more on the subject of a woman's mid-life crisis except her going crazy as she has been shown in movies of the past.

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posted on Mar 22, 2019 7:00 PM ()

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