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Gay, Poor Old Man

Entertainment > Gay Pride Month June 2021 Streaming Part 2

Gay Pride Month June 2021 Streaming Part 2

1) "4th Man Out"--Hulu--movie--1 hour & 26 minutes--Adam, the 4th guy, comes out to his 3 straight friends--every gay stereotype you can think of & a few 'inside' you can't--NOTHING WORTH SEEING

2) "Gayby"--Hulu--movie--1 hour & 29 minutes--a gay man and a gay woman, high school friends and now adults, decide to have a baby the 'old fashioned way'--Adam Driver billed 10th in a gay film--CUTE, FUNNY, NOT AT ALL EXPECTED

3) "Leov"--Netflix--movie--1 hour & 29 minutes--one of the main actors, Dhruv Ganesh--has died of TB so there won't be any sequel--I liked seeing Mumbai and the surrounding country-- SCREENPLAY DIDN'T NAKE SENSE--AT LEAST TO ME!

4) "Monsoon"--Netflix--movie--1 hour & 25 minutes--though he is fairly new to movies having made a big hit in "Crazy Rich Asians" Henry Golding has become an actor whose movies I want to see--here he returns to Vietnam having escaped with his family when he was 6 as the war started--now he is returning with his parent's ashes--along the way we meet how different people like Americans who stayed after the war, Vietnamese who fought in the war and remained--A LOOK AT A CITY AND THE PEOPLE AFTER A WAR

5) "Pit Stop"--Prime Video--movie--1 hour & 20 minutes--4 couples who have broken up looking for love-- SCREENPLAY TOO SHORT FOR ANY OF THE CHARACTERS TO LEAVE AN IMPRESSION

6) "Love Victor"--Hulu--series--season 2--10 episodes--4 hours & 49 minutes--based on a film about a teenager struggling with who he may be--the series picks up where he comes out and how he deals with his parents, friends and first lover--and an ex-girlfriend who like most teens gay and/or nongay are dealing with their sexuality--teenagers are teenagers--I DO KNOW IF BENJI DOESN'T COME BACK FOR THE 3RD SEASON NEITHER AM I!

7) "Les Ballets Trockadora de Monte Carlo" PBS--also known as "The Ballerina Boys" on PBS Passport--documentary--1 hour--looks at this all-male ballet company founded 47 years ago and playing to sold-out audiences ever since--THE COMEDY ASPECTS OF THE COMPANY AND THE SINCERITY OF THE 'BOYS' MAKES THIS A WINNER

posted on June 14, 2021 2:31 PM ()

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