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What I Do for Friends!

A little over a year ago I made the decision to have my 21st Leap Year birthday dinner at the Nabu American Fusion buffet and so to make sure it is worthy of my friends I eat there every once in a while just to check that the food is kept up to my standards! (As if I have standards when it comes to food--if it is edible I'll eat it!)

This past Thursday Allen and I went there for lunch and I must admit it was as good as ever. Looking at the pictures above I see that I had: tacos, clams, dumpling, noodles, chicken wings, sweet 'n sour chicken and there was a third plate with the hibachi steak, sausage and vegetables.

After that was cold shrimp, a coddled egg, vegetable fried rice, caraway chicken, octopus and other noodles.

Last, but not least, I had 4 flavors of ice cream, pastry, cream puff and, of course, fortune cookies.

After finishing lunch we went to the Sweeter Days Bake Shop, the place that made my fantastic 2016 birthday cake, to order the cake for this dinner and I can't wait to see what they come up with! Oh yes, they gave me a carrot cake cupcake and a chocolate one--the flavors the cake will be made of--as freebies! There went my diet!!

Now I just have to wait for RSVPs so I know how big a cake I need and how many seats I will need at Nabu!

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