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Arts & Culture > "Disney Aladdin"-touring Company Review

"Disney Aladdin"-touring Company Review

I don't give spoilers in reviews because I, too, want to discover the magic of Broadway and musicals usually offer something new and "Disney Aladdin" does that and more. Everyone around me was talking about the magic carpet and asking, "How did they do that?" How did they? I don't know and that is after an hour googling, binging, facebooking to only come up with that it is the best kept secret in show business, including the fact that everyone has to sign a 'Do Not Disclose' clause! More of a secret of why it is "Disney Aladdin" and not "Disney's Aladdin"!

"Disney Aladdin" has more of everything whether it is sequins, stars in the sky, moving scenery, 20 musical numbers and more dancing, with more swords, 37 people on stage at one time, costume changes,
sometimes 1 person making 3 changes right in front of you. Did I mention special effects and so many illusions you don't have time to think of them before another one takes effect!

From the opening song, "Arabian Nights" to the finale with a reprise of "A Whole New World" the with music by Alan Menken, various lyrics by Howard Ashman, Tim Rice and Chad Beguelin the music is a winner as is the choreography by Casey Nicholaw, who also directed the show. There are a couple of show stopping numbers but, aside from the magic carpet/ "A Whole World Number", there was one that intrigued me and had to have perfect timing by the three singing and dancing "High Adventure/"Somebody's Got Your Back" with swords swinging all over!

Talking of the last number Zach Bencal, Ben Chavez and Colt Prattes shine in singing, dancing and acrobats through that and 3 numbers and are charmers and laugh getters as Aladdin's friends.

Jonah Ho'okano as Aladdin is a fine dancer, an excellent singer, a comedian when he has to be and believable as a street kid though not quite a prince. Kaenaonalani Kekoa whether camping it up with her 3 female attendants or singing duets with Ho'okano has a sweet voice though her role is not as demanding as his.

Korie Lee Blossey as the Genie is a towering presence who gets every laugh he should plus some and a big, deep voice that the sound system doesn't do justice to and not only is he a scene stealer but from the opening number the audience is his.

The ensemble, and work by the players in supporting roles, bring all the glitz and over the top performing that a show of this size needs.

By the way if you ever find out how the magic carpet works works don't tell because that's the magic of Broadway that I love!

"Disney Aladdin" runs 2 hours and 20 minutes including a 15 minute intermission and will be at the Broward Performing Arts Center until January 19 before continuing on tour.

posted on Jan 9, 2020 10:20 PM ()

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