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Life & Events > Blueberries, Peppers and Nature

Blueberries, Peppers and Nature

Let's discuss the Blueberry muffins first-(#2)! I have a friend(I AM NOT MENTIONING NAMES!) in Maine who wrote this post about all the blueberries she has picked from the bushes on her place. She also had pictures of blueberry pie and cobbler that she baked and then talked about having so many blueberries she didn't know what to do with all of them--even mentioned giving them away to people. Now, this is a friend! Do you think she would send me any blueberries? Do you think she (I AM NOT MENTIONING NAMES!) would make me a blueberry pie or cake or cobbler and send it to me? NO! I had to go into Winn-Dixie and buy blueberry muffins! Mini ones at that! I may have to rethink who my friends (I AM NOT MENTIONING NAMES!) are!

On the other hand, I picked my crop of peppers today (#5) and the first thing I did was give most of them to my neighbors! (Not that it is a bribe for them to continue cooking homemade dinners for me, plus 'goodies' every now and then!) I am amazed by how all these peppers, for months now, all started with a few seeds from ONE green pepper! I don't understand why they are different shapes and colors and still taste like the original bell pepper! (Granted a picked a few before they fully developed but I use those in meals I make after chopping them up.)

We have been having a lot of HOT weather even for South Florida with a week of 'feel like' temperatures over 100 degrees and humidity up in the 90% range. Also, this is rainy and hurricane season but we just dodged 2 tropical storms and have had very little rain IN Fort Lauderdale. Seems the surrounding cities, towns and counties are getting rain but not us. We have lizards sunbathing (#1), birds picking for food after lawns have been sprinkled (#4) and when I look out my window (#3) I see green trees and sparkling water!

posted on Aug 29, 2020 1:53 PM ()


I will just say when I've baked blueberry pies in the past they didn't thicken up, so were a runny mess that still tasted okay. I think there is some chemical in blueberries that keeps them from thickening like some other fruits do. This has nothing much to do with the above, it's just something to say because I can't think of anything relevant.
comment by traveltales on Aug 30, 2020 9:26 PM ()
The one whose NAME WILL NOT BE MENTIONED ( showed 3 pictures--one of the pies looked fine but another did look runny while the cobbler didn't cobble!!
reply by greatmartin on Aug 30, 2020 10:16 PM ()

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