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Going on Five Years!

After my friend kristilyn invited me to join and blog here, I found out that I was already registered! As often happens with me, I found that it had been a while since I had blogged. (Aug 2015!) In an effort to start blogging about something, I checked out my last post and thought, "Yeah, let me do this!" So I went to howlonghaveibeenalivefor.com and came up with this. You have been alive for... 1,901,122,856 seconds. 114,067,371,360 electric jiffies. 31,685,380 minutes. 528,089 hours. 22,003 days. 60 years. 3,143 weeks. 1,571 fortnights. 808 lunar months. 723 months. 241 quarters. 423 dog/dawg years. (This is why I'm always feeling dawg tired!) 62.09 lunar years. 15.07 olympiads. 12.06 lustrums. 6.03 decades. 4.02 indictions. 2.32 generations. 1.21 jubilees. 0.60 centuries. 0.06028 millenniums. 0.00000026210526217105 galactic years. 0.00000000190112285600 exaseconds. I was already feeling kinda tired, but seeing my age in dawg years just sent me over the edge! I think I'll go turn around a few times in the living room and take me a nap! Talk with ya later!

posted on Feb 8, 2020 2:59 PM ()


We needed youl
comment by elderjane on Feb 9, 2020 2:43 AM ()
Thank you, Jane! This time I'll try to stay around here!
reply by biggdawg49 on Feb 9, 2020 7:22 AM ()
I just ask Alexa when I forget how old I am but I don't know if she can do all that other stuff.
comment by jjoohhnn on Feb 8, 2020 4:34 PM ()
I hear you there. Once every five years may be more than enough for me!
reply by biggdawg49 on Feb 8, 2020 6:04 PM ()
Oh, you're only 0.000000262105.... etc. galactic years, that is nothing. And if you adopted a dog every (dog) year, you'd have 423 dogs, which would be nice. I'm sure there's always a way to screw up statistics to make them sound better...
comment by drmaus on Feb 8, 2020 4:19 PM ()
I know, just a tadpole by those standards! Not too sure I'd want that many dogs. I'd probably need a 2nd job to pay for 10-15 dogs around the house!
reply by biggdawg49 on Feb 8, 2020 6:01 PM ()
I don’t think I want to know all that info
Glad you are here!!!
comment by kristilyn3 on Feb 8, 2020 3:45 PM ()
Ah, just some useless info in my head! hahahaha Very glad to be here.
reply by biggdawg49 on Feb 8, 2020 5:58 PM ()

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