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So... this is what I have been doing for about a year now. So much fun. We dance and laugh for an hour... trying to do this 4 times a week. Burns 800 t0 1000 calories an hour.A new grandson has come t...
Hello friends, Just a quick note to say Hi and wishing you happiness during this joyful season!!...
Hello MyBloggersville family~ lots going on here, wanted to catch up.My daughter married last week and so that took the usual several months of picking flowers, cake, food, etc. I loved doing it, but ... interesting post. Please take the time to read.smoochies.Living on earth in spirit and preparing to depart this world soon, the messenger will take your mess...
ok, I made you a slip cover.ha...
Ok guys, I would really use some help. I am working out regularly, I mean on a serious serious routine. The music on my ipod is now old, meaning, I really getting sick of the same ole stuff.... and am...
Have you guys cked It's a free cool music site and it basically plays music of the era. Say, you put in Paul McCartney, or Wings, it plays the music that was popular during that ti...
Happy Mother's Day, to all my favorite Moms......
BE more, DO less. Be quiet. Turn off everything that makes noise and claims your attention. LISTEN to the stillness that ensues. SAVOR THE SILENCE.well, that's been me for a while.Hope you have all be...
My dvr cut off......
I got this in an email today. Common sense, but sometimes panic sets in. Just a good tip and reminder I think.
Last Thursday night I called the kids and asked if they would like to go to New Orleans to spend the night at the "Royal Sonesta" and maybe bargain shop. We all headed down Friday night and at 1:00 a...
These are my grand dogs.Thanks Jondude.<3...
Aj's a Rose by Any Other Name...copied from busymichmomLets see what names we would be if we were other professions/people! Erase my answers and replace them with your witty ones, then forward to as m...