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Please sing alongSometime a simple song can make a old man 6 again. Wooden swords, , a castle made from a big ole box, and trees to climb.Maidens to rescue and armies to defeat. You even got to wear a...
Bold Text AS some of you might know or maybe figured out I am fairly conservative and a strong believer that we need to control our borders. I am not against immigrants - just the ones that donâ€...
First a couple of facts. #1. In 1969 I won a lottery and was given a chance to protect my friends and neighbors from all that was evil. #2. This week my mother sent me a box of old books, wrapped arou...
The house is empty now-a hurried kissWet towels on the floorYour perfume on the pillowA last hug I missedI look ahead to a day alonePeace and quietFeet on the coffee tableJust till you get home...
Ok this is called blogging right? Let see if I remember how to do this.Ok its late- I mean real late-you have maybe oneto many adult beverages. What songs get you dancing and singing and just being st...
Well my record is still perfect. Every Saturday morning during my travels to the store and such I buy a couple of lottery tickets. Usually I will buy a scratch off and a couple of pick 3s. I never win...
I don’t know what I want. Face book just doesn’t quiet make it. Somehow bloging puts to much of an obligation on me. I don’t know it’s just me. I do know that being white m...
It’s hard to believe that 25 years ago a bunch of music stars got together and recorded this song to help Africa. We are the World, We are the Children. 25 years later we still are. Tonight som...
Let me see if I understand this. Our beloved President wants to recover the money he gave the banks during the bail outs. Now that was our tax dollars he gave them and I applaud the thought that we ge...
Bold Text GodLet there be hope in this world, let us see sunshine at the end of our stormy day. A sight we can not always see.GodLet there be love, a Mothers love, a Child’s love, a love we ar...
I am sorry it took so long to write this part-no excuse. The next part will be soon. I promiseThis is a ghost story-well not quite-- its more a ghost love story. Its all true, well as true as a old ma...
I am having one of those selfish days. I work with the public-and on my days off I try to get a day where I spend as little time with my fellow humans as possible.Even going to the laundry mat can be ...
This is a story for Carolyn. The rest will follow soon.This is a Halloween ghost story-well not quite-- its more a ghost love story. Its all true, well as true as a old mans memories. But its my story...
Back around 1975 I was the proud owner of a 1973 TR 6. And the guy I bought from had done a lot of upgrades. It was fast-killer fast and it handled real well.One night I had been out at a party, it wa...
If you have followed my blogs over the last 5 years or so you know that there is a lady who is my best friend. We have written stories about our love affair-how we first met -we even wrote a mystery (...