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Reluctant Hillbillie

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Sometimes it’s like conversing with a wet sponge.
You have to squeeze to get anything out of them.

Sometimes life is too short.
Especially when wasting it on a fool.

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Strangely enough my patience balance has been relatively good considering we’ve had the keys to our house in our big fat hands for over three weeks. It’s the electricity companies fault that we ar...
I was going to start bitching about stupid people who leave one and a half perforated squares of toilet paper on the roll and then don’t replace with a full one…just as well it was a better brand ...
Some days the sound of my parents-by-law laughing and talking begin to grate. Yeah I don‘t mind their breathing. My mother-in-law is the worst offender for the fake laughing. Her top lip raises, sho...
I dunno! It can be blowing a gale outside and the energy wasters will put the freaking dryer on, and then, THEN complain about their energy costs. They are too fucking lazy and too fucking stupid. I s...
Nearly every evening, for more than a few hours, my husband and I sit out in what I call the Hillbillie Sitting Area. Where you are like three feet off a main road, the garden furniture consists of a ...
While I have an Ain’tNoChristian moment.It’s not that often that I take a dislike to someone without really knowing much about them. More often than not I *know* why I’m disliking them. HaHa! Th...
As of Wednesday August 6th, the CrankyFatBastid and I became land owners!Apparently I was the problem with it taking so long. Me being a new migrant sent out “red flags” all over the homeland secu...
For the herd of flying cows that just took a diarrheic dump all over my week.Faah Uck what a work week.Started out Tuesday and Wednesday training the latest recruit, a young lass employed by the Admin...
Where’s yer Happy Faaace!I heard her before I saw her. “I need some body warsh!…Putis, where’s the body warsh?…I sure hope they have some body warsh…I want some”. And after seeing her, I...
Tomorrow we go down to a local real estate agent to sign the contract for the land. Yeah the FatCrankyBastid and I are over the gleefulness of this step. This being our 6th time to sign the bastid thi...
The Mish:So. The deep-throating snot swallower of another post has calmed down somewhat towards me. Not so eager to be in my face. I like it. Makes me wonder if the verbal spray I gave her contained a...
Today, may not have been my finest hours. My mighty mouth ran away a bit too much. But dammit I had excuses bloody good reasons for getting my bitch on. #1. I was sweating in cracks I never knew I had...
About a month or two back the CrankyFatBastid and I were in the realms of ecstasy thinking we were getting close to blowing this Half-WittedGinJoint and all it‘s attractants. Now after many episodes...
Funny, how the most vocal in their godly goodness have no fucking idea when it comes to showing any goodness or consideration to their fellow man. Or woman. Or SuperLaundryCow. Fuckers.Even I have mor...
Well if yer The FatCrankyBastid and me and yer saving to get out of this madhouse you find cheap forms of entertainment. The cheapest kind as you all know, is that which is found at another’s expens...