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Bear Story

Here's how bad it can get with the bears. The Stanley Hotel is the famous one in Estes Park that supposedly inspired Steven King to write The Shining. Unfortunately, this bear is going to have to be killed, but things have really gotten out of hand.

And yes, I am taking all precautions, etc. And I am safe, etc. Etc. Etc. Etc.

From a local TV news story:

"The Stanley Hotel, meanwhile, has been cited for trash problems due to its repeat bear visitor, and staff received training on how to get wildlife away from and out of the hotel.

That same day, a Stanley Hotel employee found the bear and started banging on the lid of a trash can to drive it away. The animal didn’t react, so the employee threw the lid at the bear and it charged, according to Jason Clay Parks & Wildlife spokesman.

Later, in the employee dorm house, a man laying on the couch watching TV heard sniffing behind him and thought it was someone’s dog, Clay said. It wasn’t: It was the bear, which brushed the back of his head, prompting the man to turn around and scream. The animal ran outside and stopped on the other side of the road.

The Stanley Hotel bear has had 12 known encounters with humans since it was caught on camera wandering around the Stanley on Aug. 23, according to Clay.

Two days later, Clay said an Estes Park police officer tried to haze the bear at an area south of the hotel. The next day, it went into the “lodge building” and headed up an exterior staircase and into the third floor hallway.

On Sept. 1, Clay said the bear got into two unsecured trash cans in Estes Park, and a wildlife officer had to chase it away. Then, on Sept. 14, the bear came within 50 yards of a tour group.

Two days after that, Clay said the bear came back to the Stanley, and got into cupcakes and other food that were left in the lobby and ballroom. The animal barricaded itself inside, and police officers ultimately had to lure it out with cupcakes.

And then, early the next morning, Clay said the bear knocked over a grease bin at the hotel and ripped up walk-in freezing siding. When a wildlife officer spotted the bear, it didn’t react to being hazed.

On Sept. 20, Clay said the bear knocked over a trash can at the hotel and officers hazed it with a rubber shot.

Four days later though, the bear came back and got into a food hot box left outside from a banquet. Clay said the bear got to snack on chicken and lamb.

Then, a few minutes later, Clay said the bear broke into the hotel owner’s condo after the window was left cracked open and got into the kitchen trash.

Clay said the owner was able to scare the bear out of the window. "

posted on Sept 28, 2018 8:16 PM ()


You are always picking on the poor, little bears!!! If you humans hadn't invaded their territory they wouldn't bother you!!
Mmmmm--I guess the same can said about us and alligators!
comment by greatmartin on Sept 29, 2018 10:31 AM ()
That one with the bear sniffing and then brushing by is memorable. Wow, I guess it's time to invent a door that can be easily opened by humans carrying trays but not bears. Also maybe a moat should be dug around the hotel. And then someone should invent an electronic bear-hypnotizing beacon to post outside...
comment by drmaus on Sept 29, 2018 10:13 AM ()
Bears are welcome here --- the Koala variety , in the hot weather there is always a water bowl outside
comment by kevinshere on Sept 29, 2018 2:49 AM ()
What really irritates me is the total incomprehension and appalling longterm incompetence of the hotel staff and owner and a complete lack of bear management policies and adherence to proper procedures to limit bear interactions. The animal always is expendable and always pays the lethal price for human inattention, carelessness, and assumed entitlement. Makes me fume!
comment by marta on Sept 28, 2018 8:54 PM ()
Oh wow! Seems like a fatality could be imminent, albeit inadvertent.
comment by jerms on Sept 28, 2018 8:24 PM ()
Yes, that charging incident sounds bad - I've heard of what's called a 'bluff charge' where they feel threatened and try to scare us off. We don't have grizzlies here, so our bears are usually not looking to eat us. Last spring there was a story about a guy who claimed he was out camping in the woods with his family and a big bear came and jumped up and down on him while he was sleeping in a tent by himself - caused injuries that required a trip to the hospital. A week or so later, the state wildlife agency had a press release saying that upon extensive investigation, they could not find any evidence that it was actually a bear attack. They didn't speculate on what it really was, we had to draw our own conclusions. And last week a woman claimed that a bear attacked her on a hiking trail, had to go to the hospital. Investigation once again showed it could not have been a bear. Bears get enough bad press, don't need people making up stories about them. I like that every report gets investigated.
reply by traveltales on Sept 28, 2018 8:42 PM ()

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