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My Totally Unfabulous Gay Life

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Lets's see, what can I say about me. I am a totally fabulous gay man that leads a totally unfabulous gay life. I enjoy single malt scotch, very fine cigars, good music, great friends, warm sandy beaches, clear blue skies, good books, live theatre and incredible sex.

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But, I will. I am not quite certain how Gary decided he was the truth police and omniscient. I am tired of getting emails from my friends saying he is at it again. I am tired of my ex-wife getting ema...
I have returned for this one final time clear up some from allegations from someone who considers himself all-knowning and omniscient (I know, redundant) about everything that happens in the universe,...
I have spent a great deal of time blogging the past few years. I have used this site and others like it as a place to process, share and sometimes amuse. I have created this "Pirate" persona that a fe...
Any of you that have read me for a while have followed the trials I had with Johnathan. It has been over a year since we split up because of wanting different things in our respective lives. I have se...
I guess there comes a time when things change. I also guess that the only thing constant in life is change. I have experienced a veritable cornucopia of changes since the last installment of my totall...
The one that didn't get away yields long-lost ring * Buzz Up * Send o Email o IM * Share o Digg o Facebook o Newsvine o o Reddit o StumbleUpon o Technorati o Yahoo! Bookmarks * Print2 hrs ...
A lot of my friends have an incorrect impression of me. They seem to think that I am a rock, that things just bounce off of me because I always maintain an even keel. While I may seem like a strong pe...
This my Aunt Frances, my Uncle Jake, my Mom and My aunt Margaret.This is me and my cousins: Jake Jr., Monica, me, Marlene, Darlene and Mona...
I am home from the wars. Not really, I am back home in Houston having returned from my Aunt's funeral. It was weird. Something has happened since the last time we were all together. Everyone got old. ...
There was an old "Bloom County" carton where Milo and Binkley were trying to decide who the Meadow Party candidate for President would be. The first suggestion was Jesse Helms. The response was, "We w...
"If a man has the strength to dream, he can redeem his soul and fly" - Elvis PresleyAbout 10 O'clock this morning, my phone rang. I saw from the caller ID it was my mom. I knew what the call was befor...
The Gay community has been up in arms since Proposition 8 passed in California. Most gay voters believed the influx of never before seen votes that President-Elect Obama brought to this election would...
By PATRICK McGROARTY, Associated Press Writer - Thu Nov 13, 3:04 AM PSTBERLIN - An American man who suffered from AIDS appears to have been cured of the disease 20 months after receiving a targeted bo...
By JOHN CHRISTOFFERSEN, Associated Press Writer NEW HAVEN, Conn. – Connecticut state Rep. Beth Bye and Tracey Wilson hope to become the first gay couple to marry legally in their town of West Hartfo...