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Empty nester cat lady (but married, so I guess the nest isn't *that* empty ...) - black sheep

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Wow oh wow! Hello, hello! Bet you don't remember me ... I haven't logged in here for nearly 9 years! So much has happened in my little world in that time and so many new wrinkles and grey hairs have v...
Haven't had a lot to say as of late online, anyway. Even before the holidays came to pass, I only spent my online time either shopping for Christmas or on Facebook playing word games.I've been sick wi...
What an utter and complete OUTRAGE!!"The New York Times reported Thursday that Disney is offering a refund to buyers of its ubiquitous “Baby Einstein” videos, which did not, as promised, turn babi...
Why are some people so "all knowing" & "godlike" (in their own eyes) that they can't mind their own business about other people? I have noticed that this type of person also spouts off at the mouth ab...
One relationship I've had a terrible time with is the one with my mother-in-law. (She calls herself The Mother).She has never been nice to me since I met my husband. She has consistently made hurtful ...
I watched Sex & the City last night & the topic was putting your single self on a shelf when changing your life to get married. I know that for me, sometimes I long for that single self time, but mere...
I finally got through to someone that our friendship has evolved into something that to me is menial (I realize that sounds harsh, but it's the truth for me and sometimes you need to be harsh to get t...
Wow, it's been a pretty long while since I've blogged here. I've read some postings though.Blogging has been something that I've withdrawn from over the last few months; I've done that with a lot of t...
I think I'm in the middle of a breakdown. I've been physically sick off and on for a couple of months and this past 4-5 days, I barely have had a reprieve from it.Gives me time for introspection and s...
This isn't mine, it's an email I received....I'm unsure of the title, but I'm calling it...Live life!Too many people put off something that brings them joy just because they haven't thought about it, ...
The scars you hold within can be given back as light to those who encounter you........ (anonymous)...
I just saw the cover of Britney Spears' new album 'Circus'. I don't think it looks much like her. It reminds me a lot of the adverts I see in magazines that look abnormal. For instance, 'O' magazine, ...
(This is an email forward, I found it funny, so here it is!)Why did the chicken cross the road? BARACK OBAMA : The chicken crossed the road because it was time for change ! The chicken wanted change !...
I really am NOT into politics. I'm a very late bloomer in regard to learning about the candidates who are seeking the presidency and vice presidency in the upcoming election. The following are only my...
Ugh......we have iron so bad that I can barely tolerate it!! Taking a bath is just horrid. We use filters of course but the other night, I ran the water and went in to shut it off and the water was ne...