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Hobbes Fattytail

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Hobbes passed away April 15, 2012, but blogs from "Hebben."

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We live in Tiffin Ohio, which is a small part of Siberia, where every now and then the split-in-two-parts Arctic Polar Vortex slides down this way over Canada and freezes everything down to minus fort...
Flurries just began. We are supposed to get 6 to 9 inches, which means 8 to 12. We are stocked for 3 days, which is about the time it will take to uncover the car out back and get means to go anywhere...
We ain't got a Crispmouse tree yet! Rinny heez still going for the checkups ebery cupple weeks. He prolly gonna go next week. He is taking steroids. My daddy heez not sleeping tonight cuz heez really ...
(HOBBES SEZ) Doobie he died in August. We are still gutted. We fought his tumor for almost a year.(MARMALADE a.k.a. "BABY" SEZ)Rinny Rinpoche has a "mass" in his belly and we have been working wif the...
I managed to get on this morning. So both the Jondude and Hobbie blogs are signed on....
We lost our senior member of the Homie Klan last Friday, August 3rd, Doobie was eleven. He was the second Ohio kitty who came in from our porch, the first one after Hobbes. He was a good kitty, one of...
When our daddy makes his cofveve he pours half n half and we always wunt some and Sessie she usually gets hers....
Sparky loves the tree and the stuffed animals. ...
...isn't entirely finished. Many more stuffies to be brought downstairs....
Hobster was born to our Sesame("Sessie") here in our house on June 27, 2012. He is a good cat. He was diagnosed two months ago with significant kidney disease.We have been hydrating him frequently and...
Rinpoche and Hobster ...
RED TREE PEONY. 17" square. ...