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Siberski Amerika ...

We live in Tiffin Ohio, which is a small part of Siberia, where every now and then the split-in-two-parts Arctic Polar Vortex slides down this way over Canada and freezes everything down to minus forty degrees. Right now (2 p.m. Tuesday)it is only 6 degrees outside, which is balmy compared to what it will be from tonight through Friday morning. We will go below zero tonight and not go above 0 until Thursday afternoon. But WAIT! It will "warm up!" Saturday it will break the freeze mark in the low thirties and on Sunday we expect it to be around 48F. The only good thing about these radicals is that the freeze and thaw will start the Maple sap flowing and the Maple sugaring around here will be good!

posted on Jan 29, 2019 11:03 AM ()


It actually reached 56F Sunday and 55 Monday. Today it is cold again - 31F. Tomorrow same, but Thursday 55F.That's Ohio, the state with the most roller coasters in the country. (Cedar Point, near us, has 11. I don't know how many are down in King's Island near Cinci.)
comment by jondude on Feb 5, 2019 10:40 AM ()
Mmmmmm, maple syrup! Now that's finding the silver lining in a very adverse situation! Those cold temps are gonna cause somebody some plumbing troubles.
comment by jerms on Jan 29, 2019 12:47 PM ()
Vermont is known as the best source for Maple syrup and sugar, but it is made wherever you find great forests of maple trees,and northern Ohio has plenty of them. My daDDy he grew up around here in a liddle village called Bascom about five miles to the west. When he wuz thirteen he werked in January and February in one of those maple woods just north of the village for a family named Feindel, who sugared. Most of the families around Bascom had and still have German last names. I think they brought the skill of sugaring from Germany when their ancestors moved here in the 1830s and used oxen and drag lines to drain the Black Swanp, which is where Bascom was located. There isn't any swamp there now,of course,but they planted maple trees everywhere. The original native trees survive. They are basswood,hickory, red oak, white oak and what my daDDy calls "Piss Elm." Anyway, my daDDy he had the job of going from tree to tree wif a bucket and gathering the sap that had flowed out of the bark cuttings and carrying the heavy buckets to the sugaring shed in the cold and snowy woods. For every 2 gallon bucket he got 20 cents. One day he made two dollars and forty cents! He thinks he spended it all on Pepsi and comic books.
comment by hobbie on Jan 29, 2019 11:18 AM ()

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