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Tech Museum 20090120

Mon we went to the Tech Museum in San Jose to see the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit. This is the last week. The weekends are not long enough. We got going late because we had another family over for dinner on Sun evening, then had to take my car in for a scheduled oil change, then had a list of things to do in the afternoon, so that limited the time at the museum. Kitty wanted to spend a little more time there, but I think it was okay.

The Leonardo exhibit was boring for her, so she didn't much care. There were docents doing tours, but the tour groups had about a hundred people in them, so on the tour we were with for a while, we couldn't see what she was doing and could barely hear her even with the speaker. Smaller groups or more docents would have been nice. Dolly and I argued about whether it would be better to stay with the crowd and try to pick up something or to stay back and explore on our own. The advantage of the group is getting more information than was printed on the plaques next the the devices. Counter to that was crowd, like I mentioned, plus not getting to try out the metal models. The displays were wooden models that were pretty big, but still down-scaled from the real thing. Visitors were allowed to turn the cranks on the small metal models to see how they operated. Those were the only things that Kitty was interested. Having time with those models was an additional reason for dropping out of the group.

Most of the displays were concerned with his construction equipment, e.g., cranes, hoists. Leonardo was very mechanically oriented. The latter ... third of the exhibit was about his biomechanical, perspective, color, etc. studies.

Other stuff. The apartment building that we have had conflicts with the tenants lately is finally getting painted. The painter went right over some wood with obvious dry rot. It's not done yet, but the painters made some progress. It's going to be two different shades of olive/avocado green with something like rust-red primer trim. The building on the other side of us has been avocado green for many years.

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