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Today I'm being showcased under "Paper Goods" !!!ck it out!I just had surgery today, so no new postings will go up on etsy, but hopefully tomorrow, I'll be adding new things daily.Have fun looking aro...
For you, my buddies, and anyone else interested,I finally opened my ETSY shop!!!I plan to list new things everyday until I have satiated my inventory.PLEASE let me know if you have questions at sschia...
to all my blog buds!...
Watched highlights from Obama's Inaugural Day and how so many people were touched and are now infused with a 'newness' and hope.It is so welcomed, to hear words that call us on as a nation, to expand ...
Congratulations!You hold the promises of change, including everyone on this planet to be "responsible".Some of the population don't yet know what it means to be "responsible".May God be with those of ...
Got an email yesterday afternoon saying the decision was to go to someone with more 'corporate' experience.While I could rant about various reasons someone else was picked instead of me, a deeper sens...
Monday, the Creative Services Director called asking if I'm interested in a temp to FT position at COH Downtown. She'll decide by tomorrow.Are you KIDDING? I'm doing the happy dance while keeping my v...
There are few rewarding activities.After a good one, renewed energy and wherewithal seem to provide hours of attentive duty.As a kid and even in my younger adult years, I rarely took one.I'm the kind ...
For awhile now, it's been known that many design-oriented citizens will peruse a highly neglected area near the on/off ramps of L.A.Their mission: to pull out debris and install trees indigenous to th...
It's a local thrift store that delivers proceeds to the Aids Foundation.We received a Crate + Barrel catalog, looking for new dinner plates. They're reasonable.Once of the things we've tried to do is ...
I rarely turn the TV on before 2pm b/c I'm scouting for jobs, etc. But today, I wanted to try out our new Dtv converter. It works great and there are more channels now!Surfing around, I saw that Kiefe...
So I've been on Fbook for a couple years. All kinds of people from my past have been trying to connect w/me.The cool thing is that it brings people back to you from other times in your life.Almost 6 p...
Over the past 2 months, what began as a BB-size bump turned into a pea-size sort of squishy bubble on my right thumb between the nailbed and knuckle.I'm about the age my mom was when she started getti...
I love waking up to a sunny morning. Makes me wanna get up and do stuff.Stretch. Shower. Make a cup of tea. Oatmeal. Read something. Check email. Job search. Make calls.Prepare items for photo shoot. ...
@ this time last year, packing mania was fevered by a deadline to be out of the loft by mid-January...this meant sorting things into keepers or leavers - brutally saying bye to nostalgia, even luxury....