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I'm in this house alone. My husband told me that he wouldn't be angry with me if I didn't accompany him to the lake this weekend. I opted to stay home, and then he became angry. He became angrier when...!/connie.moody1...
JadedLouisville is a booming place today. As I pulled up to my building this afternoon, I received a text alert that one of the east end high school was on lockdown. (I can think of few things more ag...
In July, I will have lived in this apartment for two years. In June, I will have been divorced for one year. I’ve had plenty of time to observe and reflect over the whole situation. I’ve spun lots...
Hi, everybody! I've missed you all very much!The past year and a half has been very busy and quite a rollercoaster ride, but I think it's all going to be better now. the divorce has been final since J...
Here's the good news: It's going to be a good school year. I just know it. For the first time, I'm not teaching self-contained students. I have resource and collaboration kiddos, who seem to require l...
As early as I can remember, my parents had a difficult relationship. Some of my earliest memories include them arguing, my dad knocking over a cocktail table, my mom crying, and my brother and me hidi...
I haven't posted for quite a while, and I thought this particular meme would be a good way to get back into the game. (Thanks, Solitaire)Age: 46Bed size: queen Chore you hate: cleaning the bathroomDog...
Would It Be a Felony or Misdemeanor?It never occurred to me to call the police or anyone else earlier this school year when John, a 13 year old seventh grade student thought that he would get a few a ...
I’ve intentionally avoided the topics of politics, religion and abortion (a combination of religion and politics) in my blog. I’ve seen too many people become emotionally charged in the blogospher...
Getting back into the habit of writing is more difficult than I’d originally thought it would be, but I think I’m finally finding my voice. It’s starting to feel good again. I can do this.It’s...
I’ve spent the past two evenings baking, baking, and baking some more.It all began last night when I baked and decorated a two-layer, 8” square birthday cake for a co-worker. It was a white cake, ...
Whenever I make a major decision, one of the questions I ask myself is “Will this piss off my mom?” Not that when the answer to that question is “yes,” it will necessarily motivate me to absta...
After months of writing and posting crappy first drafts, I quit writing. There was no defining event that caused me to stop. I think it was a result of too many stressful situations in too many places...
Okay, here's a list of questions I'd love to see everyone pick up and run with. These are personal--not so personal ones. Could be fun. I am passing this to Jjoohhnn, Donnaaa, and Redimpala and to ans...