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My Teen Life As I Know It

About Me

♥ Hello. My name is Nan. I'm named after my grandmother who I absolutely love and admire. There's a few things about me that you should know. First of all===I'm not afraid to say what I think. So, if some person from my High School were to come here and read every single one of my entries, they probably wouldn't know it was me. That's also why I make nicknames up for people I write about. I'm probably a lot more different than what most people would expect a teenager to be, especially one my age. Sure, I love clothes, hanging out with my friends, theater, dance, art, animals (not the slithery kind), tanning, make up and cute boys. But I've been told that I have an old soul. So, please, try to take me seriously. That is all I ask. I'm a girl who's never been in a serious relationship before, so I don't throw the word 'love' around a lot. I hope you enjoy reading about my life as I know it.

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I know that's not a word. I can't believe that it's November 5th already - time sure flies when you're busy!So I applied to Applebee's last week.And...I just got hired at a new Applebee's near me! My ...
I've been MIA from this blog for a while now -- school, friends, parents, work, etc. It's all overwhelming me at the moment.But I did have an interesting week! I was paid $150 for babysitting two week...
Okay, so yesterday was my sister's boyfriend's 22nd birthday and being creative and daring I decided I was going to make a cake for his birthday.AND THE ONE I DECIDED ON WAS A CHECKERED CAKE!!!Now I w...
The whole week before is building up our spirit for the football game and dance, our excitement for the year to come, and to have fun.The game Friday before is our homecoming football game, where the...
Life Lesson #1:Don't touch things that aren't yours to touch, because you might end up breaking it.So yea, you might of already guessed...I broke something. But in truth I didn't mean to, and I didn't...
That’s Jasper. He’s my dog nephew. My brother’s dog. Jasper is a special dog. He was dumped in my brother’s friend’s backyard and ever since my brother took him he has not left his side. He ...
Hey it's me again.What has happened since the last time I blogged on here? Well I am writing this on our new laptop after our old one decided it had enough. I don't know if you've seen the dell advert...
I enrolled in a beginning drawing class at my high school. The goal of the class is to teach how to draw realistically, using pencil (graphite) and charcoal. I've posted some of my drawings from this ...
Oh my gosh, sorry I haven't posted anything in forever. AGAIN! School's been busting my butt!This morning I woke up feeling icky...female stuff. Sometimes it really sucks being born a girl. My mom tol...
Homemade by NanYesterday afternoon I was inspired to make something else for dinner other then cheese sandwiches and toast. Just Kidding! So i took out the pot, boiled pasta noodles and threw together...
Well, I guess it is safe to say that I survived my first week of 11th grade. All my classes are going to be a challenge, but good. One change to my class schedule is that I'm no longer in the stage pr...
Firstly, I start school on Tuesday. Okay, so maybe I've grown used to summer, but let it be known I had the shortest summer EVER; the high schools in my district get out later than the schools in the ...
So, in what must have been an incredible stroke of luck, I managed today to pass my driving test! After an astonishingly long wait I finally got the chance to prove that I can actually drive vaguely c...
Hi all, sorry to be idle for the past few days - I've been babysitting a lot, trying to earn enough to deposit into my college savings account. In two years when I'm off to college, my parents and I h...
I just returned from a week spent on Anna Maria Island in Florida. Boy, did I have a great time! I love it because it's so low key. We drove into St. Petersburg for a day and checked out the Salvador ...