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Medicare's Annual Enrollment is in full swing and I'm busier than a one-eyed cat watching nine rat holes! I love it. Actually, this selling season has been somewhat slower as two of the carriers I represent haven't fed me as many leads as they have for the last couple of years. They must have located some Spanish-speaking agents who were willing to be "captive" to the carrier. I, however, love being independent. This independence allows me to shop for my clients and match them with the best possible plan for their unique situation. It's more work for me, but it's definitely more rewarding.

In 2019, I'd like to ramp up my life insurance skills. There's a real need for honest, ethical life insurance salesmen out there. The commissions aren't bad either!

The holidays are almost here and I am very ready for that! This truly is my favorite time of the year and I'm always sorry when it's over. This year, the holidays include a unique twist. Jennifer and I are celebrating 10 years of marriage on a cruise between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We are counting the days. No kids! Thanks Granna!

I'm loving the improvements here on MyBloggers! (I typed "Greasy" first. Am I the only who still does that?)

Since this is a jumbled alphabet soup of ideas, I'll throw this in here...I'm having the time of my life with my children. We're trying our best to raise some responsible adults and I truly hope we're getting it right. I never imagined how much their love and laughter and presence would enrich our lives. I cannot imagine life without any one of them. Each makes his/her own unique contribution to the fabric of our family life.

OK, well, cheerio. Thanks for reading!

posted on Nov 8, 2018 10:46 AM ()


Love your enthusiasm. Kids are so much fun and I am glad you are enjoying them. Have a wonderful time on your cruise. You both deserve a break.
comment by elderjane on Nov 9, 2018 5:19 AM ()
".I'm having the time of my life with my children. " Let them be children as long as you (&they) can be!
comment by greatmartin on Nov 8, 2018 7:29 PM ()
Glad you like the improvements here on Greasy...Oops, I mean MyBloggers!
comment by eddie on Nov 8, 2018 4:32 PM ()
I never had a good experience with insurance people. I had to have a 10-year policy when I had a business loan and the agent said I could trade it later for a full life policy for less money. I finally got around to doing that and the company said it would be more by a thousand dollars a month! So,my death is worthless to my hunny.
comment by jjoohhnn on Nov 8, 2018 12:26 PM ()
I'm really disappointed to hear that. It's that unethical and dishonest few that make all of us look like rats.
reply by jerms on Nov 8, 2018 3:16 PM ()

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