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I Did It!

I enrolled at Liberty University to finish my Bachelor's degree in Psychology: Addiction and Recovery.

4 classes. 8 weeks each. I wish I could roll up my sleeves and get started now. I'm also planning to work through the summer, as the fall is Annual Enrollment for Medicare and I cannot afford neglect the goose that's laying this particular golden egg.

It's not a pre-law degree, but I've been assured by the University of Oklahoma that Law School will teach me what I need to know. No pre-law degree required. So this serves a dual purpose. I get to study a subject I'm interested in without jeopardizing my long-term goal of obtaining a JD.

Back to School! Scrupulous time management is going to be a priority soon.

I'll keep you posted.

posted on Jan 24, 2019 2:49 PM ()


Late seeing this but join in support of your efforts. Keep us informed.
comment by tealstar on Feb 22, 2019 2:53 PM ()
comment by traveltales on Jan 26, 2019 6:16 PM ()
Hey there!!
reply by jerms on Jan 29, 2019 12:44 PM ()
comment by jjoohhnn on Jan 26, 2019 10:12 AM ()
reply by jerms on Jan 29, 2019 12:44 PM ()
So glad because time is going to pass and if you are engaged in something productive, you will be rewarded. It seems to me that your degree would give you the academic qualifications to become an alcohol and drug counsellor while you study law. I am proud of you, my friend.
comment by elderjane on Jan 25, 2019 6:10 AM ()
See my reply to Kristi. I'm making my money elsewhere. I just want to understand this subject better and perhaps be qualified to use what I know to help someone.
reply by jerms on Jan 29, 2019 12:43 PM ()
Good luck--I am a prime case study if you need one!
comment by greatmartin on Jan 24, 2019 5:43 PM ()
OK, Martin. I'll schedule you an appointment. LOL
reply by jerms on Jan 29, 2019 12:43 PM ()
Congrats!!! That’s great news!
comment by kristilyn3 on Jan 24, 2019 3:44 PM ()
A friend of mine said, "So, you've just decided to stay poor." It's true other degrees earn more money, but I'm not really doing this for a career. LOL
reply by jerms on Jan 29, 2019 12:42 PM ()

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