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New Truck

February 15th a speeding teenager plowed into the back of my truck right outside my gate.

My truck:

The damage doesn't look too bad, but she was going 60 mph, and had started to turn into oncoming traffic so hit the left corner very hard, 'peeling the frame back like a tin can' according to the collision repair place.

This is the other car, a Jeep Pilot:

This is the replacement vehicle.

It is a 2022 Nissan Frontier. Not as many options as the previous truck, but it rides better. Mr. Troutbend helped me with it - flew from Las Vegas on Friday, we went directly to the dealership, and five hours later drove it home. Some of that time was waiting for it to be fetched from a different dealership.

I might have preferred a Chevy, but their inventory is very low, and we didn't have time to wait for one to be ordered.

posted on Mar 14, 2022 3:20 PM ()


Teens tend to believe that once they get their Driver’s License, they are drivers. Not so. In Illinois, it is suggested that an adult supervise the first 25 hours of a teen’s post License driving. In my family the number of hours is increased by a factor of ten. Two hundred and fifty hours. The new driver does ALL the driving, in all the vehicles. We visit out of town relatives, go on vacations, grocery and other shopping. A competent driver is the co-pilot. There is no yelling, no radio playing. Before we loose a 16 year old on the road with a couple of tons of vehicle, they learn to handle all the vehicles in the family. It’s not that we don’t trust them. It is that there are lots of people driving cars badly or impaired, too young or too old, and we want them to know how to keep themselves safe. It also keeps insurance claims away. Hints: Hit the bunny in the road. At 55 mph, you don’t want to have your vehicle out of control. DO swerve or slow to avoid a deer. They not only trash the front end, they also come through the windshield and kill you. Snow & ice? Proceed carefully to an empty parking lot and practice driving out of skids by driving into, then out of them. It’s counterintuitive, so practice! Being a safe driver is VERY COOL!!
comment by stella on Mar 17, 2022 10:34 PM ()
comment by greatmartin on Mar 17, 2022 7:31 PM ()
trucks and cars don't feel pain but in Ted's universe they do.
comment by elderjane on Mar 16, 2022 12:51 AM ()
Collisions are such a shock, I hope the feeling of it fades quickly. Your new truck not only looks nice but sturdy. So that's good.
comment by drmaus on Mar 15, 2022 5:06 PM ()
Make sure you don't have an injury that will pop up later.
comment by elderjane on Mar 15, 2022 4:55 AM ()
Now I'm paranoid about driving on that highway because the last couple of years there's been so many similar incidents caused by speeding drivers in a hurry to get to or from work.
reply by traveltales on Mar 15, 2022 3:43 PM ()
You weren't in it, were you??????
I guess you are lucky they had a replacement there with the shortage of cars and trucks these days!
comment by greatmartin on Mar 14, 2022 8:36 PM ()
Re: the shortage - it was a big worry that we wouldn't be able to find something because we were in a hurry to get a replacement due to pressure from the insurance company. But it worked out okay.
reply by traveltales on Mar 15, 2022 3:44 PM ()
Yes, I was driving my truck at the time. Had to wait 2 hours for the state patrol officer to arrive, after an hour of cleanup by the fire department. Right outside my gate, within sight of home. Seemed like forever.
reply by traveltales on Mar 15, 2022 3:41 PM ()

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