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Random Headlines

I like to read a headline and while my slow Internet connection is loading the story, I make up in my head what I think it's going to be about. I do that all the time with the posts here on MyBloggers. I read your title, and then try to guess what it's going to be about - and often I'm wrong.

Here are some teasers from a recent VOX email:

"Domino's has spent $8.5 million to stockpile ingredients for British stores — such as tomato sauce, frozen chicken, pineapple, and tuna — in case a "no-deal" Brexit disrupts the food supply chain to the country."

Tuna on pizza. I haven't tried it yet.

"Germany wants to raise its tax on meat from 7 percent to 19 percent to help combat climate change and use funds to improve animal welfare. "

From the article: "Ostendorf pointed out that there’s no logic behind taxing meat less while other products such as oat milk is taxed by the standard rate."

The reason they taxed meat lower was to support the market for 'meat.' It wasn't clear from the article if 'meat' in Germany means beef, includes mutton and pork. If I knew I was going to pay a higher sales tax on 'meat' I would eat less of it.

Oat milk is made from oatmeal, an alternative to almond milk or soy milk etc. I'm wondering if it's so much the rage there in Germany that it's considered a basic commodity - of all the possible foods they might be purchasing there.

This is from a different news source:
City Will Try Keeping Public Toilets Open Overnight to Help Curb Poop Problems

It's in San Francisco, and the toilets involved in the pilot program will be staffed around the clock.

"The map of places where poop has been reported on San Francisco’s streets and sidewalks in recent years shows a city awash in a sea of brown."

Here it is, zoomed in:

Supervisor Matt Haney said in a statement that the No. 1 reason people call the city’s 311 phone line is to report feces in public places and that these complaints are concentrated in and around the Tenderloin and South of Market, which are both part of his district.

Haney would also like to try out an approach where workers who he describes as “cleanliness ambassadors” would be assigned to troubled corridors to conduct upkeep and report problems on an ongoing basis, rather than city crews sweeping through less frequently." They come with pressure washers, and sometimes it takes a couple of days for them to show up. "Cleanliness Ambassador" is not a job I would like to have.

The last paragraph in the article makes a good point:
“The problem is not just the feces on the ground,” he said. “It's the fact that somebody was in a situation where the only choice that they had was to use the bathroom on the sidewalk. I think in a city like San Francisco we should be past that.”

posted on Aug 8, 2019 4:17 PM ()


My sister thinks I'm gross but I harp on the toilet issue all the time. It was a shock to me when I had to travel across Pittsburgh by train and bus, and downtown had no public toilets. I hope S.F. manages that pilot program and keeps it. "Facilities" used to be standard in the U.S., but I suspect most large cities stopped caring about offering normal human services for a decade or two.
comment by drmaus on Aug 10, 2019 7:49 AM ()
I can't imagine a tourist mecca leaving public toilets out of their agenda. This is disgraceful.
comment by elderjane on Aug 10, 2019 7:13 AM ()
"I read your title, and then try to guess what it's going to be about - " This would have been a lot more interesting!!!
comment by greatmartin on Aug 8, 2019 6:48 PM ()

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