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iIt's been a looong time since  I've been on MyBloggers and God knows I've mised it so much! Due to no funding from  bhe county Board of Supervisors and lacklluster interest from the State, ...
So, after a long horrible freezing rainy winter,alone for the most part, I decided this must change! So I phoned a salesman at the Toyota dealership in Hattiesburg that I had done business with before...
I'm back on a compiuter at last!! i'm here at the library at New Augusta Mississippi, and so happy to be here--to be alive and much better, after two and a half years. Months of psychological warfare ...
When I see these cooking shows on Food Network and elsewhere, they are always hyper on de-veining shrimp. I suppose it's for appearances sake.Right down the back of a shrimp is a minuscule black threa...
I enjoy watching PBS, am a fan Downton Abbey, of course, which is on hiatus. But I'm enjoying two serials at present; one is Call The Midwife. Set in a 1950's English slum, the story is about young wo...
So I hear there was some sniping between Whoopie Goldberg and Barbara Walters on their morning show "The View" and naturally it happened on a day when I wasn't watching.It seems Barbara was hyping a s...
There's a local chain of Bill Miller BBQ restaurants in this part of Texas, and it is one of my favorite places to dine.I love, love their brisket, and the BBQ sauce comes in a cup on the side-a sauce...
My daughter was recently given a Yorkiepoo, a tiny bundle of puppy with black silky hair, who weighs only a pound or so, but is nothing but a ton of pure cuteness and love.The Yorkiepoo, named Poo, is...
Some of this is old news to y'all, but finally having access to a computer is wonderful and I'm just catching up on the Paula Deen story. She was canned from the Food Network when she admitted during ...
It's Monday morning and the horror continued all day Sunday. Zee's psychotic husband ranted and raved all day and somehow his severe mental illness is tangled up with religion and sex. Should I have s...
Hello, and I'm gonna be frank, upright and candid about the horrible events of Saturday morning. My daughter is married to a psycho, a demon possessed SOB, who touts himself as a Christian, but is a m...
Wednesday Zee and I went to a counseling session, our 11th one, and it has helped tremendously. The insight of a person outside the family helping us plow through family dynamics has been a blessing--...
I suppose I should change the name of my blog from News From Mississippi to News From Texas. (That reminds me of a dumb blond joke Zee's husband told me. The db is on a quiz show and is asked "How do ...
Am I happy right now! Daughter Zee got dial up so I'm gonna try to write something before this thing fizzles on me. I'm moving my legs a wee bit better, but my left knee has been a pain, literally, lo...
OMG! I am at the library using a computer, since the wi fi system at my daughter's house just didn't cut it at all. Being here at my daughter and SIL's house has been a trying and emotional experience...