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Human says the cable bill is due today, and we don't have the money.However, she starts a new job Monday night that should solve those problems.When they get around to paying her.So, anyway, let them ...
Today ABC reported that the World Bank thinks food prices are at "dangerous levels." The article...yeah, this one... went on to give examples of the distress Americans can expect at the cost of meat a...
https://www.cbsnews.com/8301-503544_162-20031979-503544.htmlTake a moment to react to the content.*waits for combination of jeers and applause to die down*Now re-read paragraph four.The poll that made...
Disclaimer: I am not an Italian cat. I have no Italian connections, other than an intimate knowledge of where to hide when Human breaks out the Puccini.But you've got to hand it to Italian women. They...
My first inclination is to say that that's an oxymoron, but I wasn't sure I could spell oxymoron. The truth is that religion (for humans) tends to be a matter of faith, of feeling, not of thinking thi...
Rumor has it that Facebook has been to the vet and got the thermometer stuck you know where. They are meant to be deleting animal accounts again. One furriend says she lost 168 buddies today. I'm glad...
We have discovered Newsvine.This is a social bookmarking site for news stories, apparently run by MSNBC, although you wouldn't know it from the bookmarks.I may go into information overload. It even ha...
Anybody remember tribe.net? It comes, it goes, it gets sold (at one point Ebay owned it), and it totally went down for a while.Well, it appears to be back, and in this incarnation it seems no more egr...
I was reading this and preparing to lambast the unfair justice system when I came upon this:With the emergence of the New Deal, a powerful labor movement and World War II -- and the GI Bill that follo...
If you did, no one would believe you. I'm not sure I believe it now, even though Reuters is behind it and Reuters would not lie ;-PHow Not To....Our turkey breast has been in the bottom of our vegetab...
Go read this.Some of you may know that my human and I are dirt poor. She gets her food from a charity, which requires no qualification of any kind. It functions more as a food co-op, which is fine wit...
Why do they always start with a lie?I don't know if it's a particularly good thing that she's running, although probably not for VP, but considering that Palin may well be in the opposition, I have to...
Iran slammingLet's see, we think Iran has weapons of mass destruction, or at least that they're developing them. We think that Iran shouldn't do that. If the free and sovereign nation of Iran chooses ...
FYI, I wish Reuters would make it easier to share links to their articles to blogs besides the Big Four.Okay, on to the nonsense.Read it? Recovered after the overwhelming attack of laughter? Now consi...
Sarah Palin on reality TV?For a moment I thought she was going to move in with Tammy Faye and Ron. I would like to know if TLN plans to give equal time to Palin's primany and general election opponent...