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Jeri's Letters First Pass

I am still working through the 1500 pages of the Greasy/My Bloggers messages that Jeri & I wrote back and forth for 15 years. I copy/pasted them from the blog messages to Word documents. When I initially combined all the Word docs, it was 7000 pages. I've been coding them to generate an index and formatting headings to make a navigation bar. Took out my messages, so it's just what Jeri had to say, and making the focus on what she said about her family.

I'm picturing the audience as Jeri's grandchildren who'd like to get to know her better, possibly years from now. It is an opportunity to find out what she really thought about a lot of things - memories of her grandmothers and parents, her extended family, and her children and grandchildren. My grandmother died at age 86, and I deeply regretted not saving all her letters.

The hard part is deciding what to edit out because the bare-bones family info loses the flavor of Jeri's personality - she worked very hard to have a nice yard and garden, she wrote a lot about cooking, had plenty to say about what the neighbors were up to, loved going to estate and garage sales, and enjoyed outings with friends. And of course all the things she said about life with Ted, which would be its own book.

Because Ted didn't have any children to care, he didn't get along with his own family, and all of Jeri's family ended up angry with him, I am taking out most of the references to his family. And trying to decide how much of what Jeri said about Ted can come out without losing the context of her life.

posted on Sept 18, 2023 12:01 PM ()


I have saved a few old letters written to and/or about me by relatives--I treasure them!
comment by greatmartin on Sept 22, 2023 8:46 PM ()
I've kept diaries now for over 75 years--wonder if anyone will ever read them--doesn't matter--I enjoy rereading them--especially the X rated part!!
I hope Jeri's family appreciates what you are doing!
comment by greatmartin on Sept 18, 2023 12:08 PM ()
I can imagine your diaries are really something! I'm enjoying my side of these letters with Jeri because that's the only journal I have. I need to get in the habit of writing something daily, as if to Jeri so I have it going forward.

From what I know about Jeri's daughter, she will be appalled at what all Jeri told me, especially about her, because she didn't inherit Jeri's interest in gossip. I doubt she'd take the trouble to look through through the document, which would be on a thumb drive and/or maybe a DVD because it's too big to print out in hard copy. Wouldn't put it past her to just throw it away. I am going to try to make contact with one of the granddaughters, mainly Laura, the one in New York City, and send a copy to her.

My current goal is to get the index to the point where they can use it to get an idea of what is in the document, and that might pique their interest enough to want to delve into the details. I can picture her great-grandchildren at some point being interested in what she had to say about them. I have letters my grandmother wrote to my aunt, and it was thrilling to find where she mentioned a Christmas present she gave me when I was five that I loved and still have (it was nesting boxes that went together to make houses of different sizes).
reply by traveltales on Sept 20, 2023 7:38 AM ()

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