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Retired US State Department Senior Foreign Service. Living in southern Mindanao, Philippines after a long overseas career that began in 1962. Home town USA: Seattle. Lots of experience building and managing large capital infrastructure projects in various developing countries of the world, from Africa to Vietnam and many points in between. I like to scuba dive, cook, and am interested in trading securities options.

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I guess it just comes with the territory. There is so much dishonesty and corruption everywhere you look here. I’m talking about the Philippines, but it applies to other countries I’ve lived in, a...
I do not have Internet access where I am living now. In the capital towns of the Philippine Municipalities it is available from the mobile phone system. But coverage only extends 5 km from town. My ho...
I lost the logon data for this blog, and had a hard time finding it.I haven't posted anything in a long time because I've been very busy working the options markets in the US. That is a labor intensiv...
I don't know if it's caused by the earth's magnetic field, or something else. But it seems to me that there is a global tendency for all kinds of tensions (political, economic, social) to exist betwee...
I've been absent for quite a while, busy in the securities markets which as it turns out, places a fairly large demand on my time. I thought I'd write today to show that I'm still around. I'll be cele...
There has been a lot of talk in the last few days about the billions given to Egypt since President Anwar Sadat signed the peace agreement with Israel. I was serving in the Middle East at the time, an...
In the Middle-East especially. It started in Tunisia, and is now catching on in Egypt and Yemen.I was assigned to the U.S. Embassy in Cairo in the early '80s, and watched President Anwar Sadat get gun...
Over the years I have been surprised, amazed and delighted by my wife's ability to build things. Her only training has been what she's learned from me, as we built things around here in the early days...
All the hand wringing, anger and political posturing over the immigration problem is quite interesting.I have the distinct impression - call it opinion if you like - that the problem has a huge elemen...
August 2010 has five weeks with Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday in the month. The next time this will occur is in the year 2810. Don't hold your breath!-==-(We need a "Trivia" channel.)...
It is amazing, how people respond when asked to comment about the terrorist actions of a family member. The same protestation is heard over and over, "He would never do such a thing."I do not have muc...
One of the nicest things about living in an undeveloped area is the abundance of wildlife, especially birds. I'm an early riser, and like to sit outside in the pre-dawn darkness, waiting for the day t...
It sure is nice to have morning delivery of freshly caught fish. Local fishermen work at night and early morning, to catch food for their families. If they have a good catch, in excess of the needs of...
Monday night 21 June was the shortest night of the year. I doubt if many people even noticed. It was just a fraction of a second shorter than Sunday night, after all. But in my inverted and otherwise ...
My wife and I decided that we needed to get away from our property in southern Mindanao, so we went to Manila for a week. Manila is not the most livable city by any standard, but at least it is a nice...