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Celebrity Worship

You know something? I could almost give a damn that Kim Kardashian is having a kid, or had a kid, or is having a goat.

I could almost care that Miley Cyrus called off her wedding, or is pissed off at her dad.
I don't really care what Nick Nolte's house looks like or how much he's selling it for.
If Heidi Klum had a nipple slip at the beach, more power to the lucky bastard who had spread his blanket out on the sand next to her.
I don't want to know about Randy Travis's "brave last days".
And I certainly don't give a tinker's dam about what Reese Witherspoon (Who on God's green earth names their daughter 'Reese' anyway? Wasn't saddling her with the last name of 'Witherspoon' bad enough?) said when was drunk. Hell, I've said worse things when I used to be sober!
Do people really care about the lives of people they don't even know? What is this all-consuming infatuation with celebrities? Do these people deserve so much of our attention?
And, these days, people make a career out of simply being famous! As many folks in the past have asked, "What, exactly, does Kim Kardashian fucking do, with the exception, of course, of shilling for credit cards aimed to rip off kids? I mean, except for appearing totally starkers in Playboy about a decade ago, I can't think of anything!

But it's all in fun, right? I mean celebrity worship, such as the "news stories" that fill the pages of People Magazine and fill the minutes between commercials of Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight is harmless, right?
Maybe not always.
I already mentioned Kim Kardashian here. Let's talk about another person who made her money originally by being a naked lady- Jenny McCarthy. Jenny's big claim to fame was that she had low enough self esteem to allow herself to be objectified, and she posed naked for money in Playboy Magazine. Then, she married and divorced Jim Carey. And then she ended up on Oprah as an advocate for autism and to hawk her book that started a global uproar with the anti-vaccination movement.
In her book, she contends that there is a direct connection between the commonly used MMR vaccine and autism. (MMR is the most commonly used vaccine in the world for such diseases as measles, rubella, momps and the like.) Actually, The Grand Pooba of this theory, the fellow who originally started the whole thing, is an English doctor by the name of Andrew Wakefield. Good ol' idiot Andy published a study in the medical journal, The Lancet, in 1998 with thirteen of his pals.
Through a long and winding mess of twisted facts, clever misrepresentations and flat-out lies, the good doctor's study drew a direct line between the MMR vaccine and the occurrence of autism in young children. 
In 2004, after Sunday Times reporter Brian Deer published an article that brought to light several "financial conflicts of interest" regarding Wakefield's study, eleven of the thirteen people who assisted Wakefield in the study recanted their findings and withdrew their support from Wakefield.
In 2010, The General Medical Council of Great Britain found Wakefield guilty on four counts of dishonesty and twelve counts involving the abuse of developmentally challenged children, and claimed that Wakefield acted "dishonestly and irresponsibly in his published research."
The Lancet then immediately and fully retracted his 1998 publication.
In another article published in The British Medical Journal, Deer called Wakefield's study "an elaborate fraud" in which The doctor planned to wildly profit from a worldwide vaccination scare by receiving government funding for more testing and research on the subject.
So, in other words, one jerk wrote a bogus study based on outright lies and then he developed an enormous, world-wide scam that every major medical association on the planet refutes vehemently.
BUT, nude model and Playboy's 1993 Playmate of the Year, Jenny McCarthy, who gained the bulk of her fortune and fame in pornographic photos exposing her breasts, vagina and ass, supports Wakefield's findings, and she is much more entertaining than all of those stodgy old physicians who only attributes are medical degrees, years of knowledge, and nothing to gain whatsoever monetarily from their stance on the issue.
So, who are you going to believe?
Of course!
Long live buxom and unabashed Jenny!
After all, she makes GREAT sound bites, and she sure is easy on the eyes! And, for gosh sakes, she certainly is the epitome of perkiness, isn't she now?
I mean really!
And now, thanks to Jenny and her leagues of "Mother Warriors" and Oprah Winfrey, the planet is seeing a huge resurrgence of almost every reportable disease, such as measles, whooping cough, rubella, mumps...
Way to go, girls! Wave your banners high and stand behind the teachings of your celebrity spokesperson, who, by the way, is making the fortune that Dr. Wakefield never did make on this whole scam. She is campaigning worldwide for the cause with such things as speaking engagements and five books published on the subject, at the expense of your children . . . and many adults.

Oh? Excuse me? You say that you detect a note of anger and sarcasm in my words? I sound upset?
Well, maybe it's because a friend of mine was just diagnosed with, of all things, whooping cough!
Whooping cough, for God's sake! I mean, that went out back in the forties, didn't it? I mean, my father told me stories of when he had whooping cough as a kid, and the medical officials of the town came and posted a quarantine notice on the front door of his house, and nobody was allowed in or out of the place for two weeks!
But whooping cough is a dead disease now, right?
Not anymore.
Thanks to Jenny and Oprah and those celebrity-adoring "Mother Warriors".

posted on July 15, 2013 6:37 PM ()


Skylar just had her 2 Month shots and there were 3 needles of combo vaccinations and then an oral one as well. Maybe if they spaced em out a little? I dunno. Was HARD to watch her scream tho.
comment by kristilyn3 on July 17, 2013 10:33 PM ()
I hate the celebrity culture and deplore the influence they have on people
through the media.
comment by elderjane on July 17, 2013 11:15 AM ()
I'm sure this isn't going to go over well. I'm going to start out by correcting you on your celebrity gossip, my good friend, and then go into my own crazy rant about vaccines.

McCarthy and Carey never married. She was married to some other guy, they had a son, Evan, and Evan seemed to have autism quite badly. That marriage ended, then McCarthy and Carey hooked up and were together for a few years, while she was crusading against vaccinations. I know because I read her stupid book, "Louder Than Words." The latest on her is that her son was not autistic, but had Landau-Kleffner syndrome, “a rare childhood neurological disorder that can also result in speech impairment and possible long-term neurological damage." She has recanted her stance on the MMR vaccine but says that vaccines should be better researched.

I know a bit about this from doing research and trying to find way to help my own son. You see him now and outside of acting a bit squirrely at times, he mostly blends in with the rest of us. When he was younger, that wasn't the case. As a parent, you cling to anything that makes sense or can explain why your child won't look at you or talk to you. Why your child spends most of his waking hours screaming and crying, banging his head and flapping his hands, and communicating using only phrases you've read to him from books. Some parents look to vaccines as the culprit because we are SO heavily vaccinated now-a-days. There's somewhere between 60 to 70 vaccinations that little kids will receive in their first three years of life if parents follow the vaccination schedule created by the states.

You mentioned Wakefield skewing his research for profits. Well, drug companies (as you are well aware of) are HIGHLY motivated to nab as many of our dollars as they can--just like any other successful business out there. I believe if you looked through some of Glaxo-Smith-Cline's research, you'd need a fun house mirror to even attempt to make it look straight. There are vaccinations on the state recommended list that make no sense to give to kids, but they're there because some drug company lobbiest got their agenda pushed through thanks to a lot of mutual back scratching between congressmen, senators, and drug reps.

I know I'm marking myself for a crazy-tin-foil-hat-wearin' kind of image here. BUT, can it be denied that certain people have profited TREMENDOUSLY by pushing vaccines onto the public? My problem lies in being told I have to shoot up a bunch of untested crap into my children, and that if I don't, they won't be allowed to go to school. When you ask for the research at the dr's office, they don't have it. For some of the vaccines, the reason they don't have any trail studies for you to look at is because there are none. It seems like parents are just expected to hand their kids over, not ask any questions, and assume that because someone is wearing a white coat they know better.

I didn't go to med school. I don't presume to think I know more about medicine and how the body works than someone who studied those subjects for years and years. What I do think I know a bit about is common sense. If I don't have Hepatitis B, and I keep my new born infant away from having unprotected sex, sharing drug needles, and smearing infected poop and blood into open wounds--I am positive my brand new baby will be safe from the disease. Yet, it is a state mandated vaccination for all new born infants. My 11 year old son just had a physical, and it was strongly recommended he get his first dose of Guardisil--which is the cervical cancer/human papilloma virus vaccine. That particular vaccination is riddled with documented adverse reactions. Also, the death rate from cervical cancer is LOWER than reports of serious adverse reactions, INCLUDING DEATH, from Guardisil. Also, last time I checked, my son didn't have a cervix*. No. Common. Sense.

It's crazy, but some parents end up not trusting the drug companies over stuff like that. It's hard to feel like our precious poopsies are safe. If one shot isn't safe, how can we be guaranteed the rest of them are? We can't. So we do what we think is best. Some parents go the route of no vaccinations at all. I am fighting for being able to do only the vaccinations that make sense for my kids to get. It feels more and more like a losing fight.

I'm sorry your friend has whooping cough, but I don't think it's fair to put the blame on Jenny. Jenny McCarthy was a desperate mom, who thought she'd found the right thing to blame for her son's health problems. She was careless in how she got her message out, and failed to take into account that many Americans sadly have below average intelligence. (Just watch an episode of "Repo Games." It'll make you so ashamed of your fellow Americans you'll want to move to Canada.) So many in this country aren't thinking for themselves and don't realize it. When pretty famous lady with nice tits says vaccines are bad, America listens!

What was my point here?

I don't remember.

Know any good fart jokes?
* Guardisil is marketed to little boys starting at age 9 since they can be carriers of HPV and spread it through SEXUAL INTERCOURSE. Again--recommended at age 9. No. Common. Sense.
comment by largemarge on July 17, 2013 8:18 AM ()
Your argument is interesting, and by no means are you stirring things up with your opinions!
I still do blame Jenny and Oprah, however, for much of what is going on with war against vaccines. With celebrity should come at least a touch of responsibility. They know that their voices speak louder than most others, and they have no qualms about taking money from books they write or speeches that they give, but, somehow or another, their influence must also bring responsibility.
She stood up on the world stage proclaimed that vaccines were a direct cause for autism for years. And now that the damage has been done, she recants? After she's made millions for herself in book sales and got received tons of free publicity that furthered her career to the point where she has now signed on as a host of The View because Barbara Walters says that she is animated and opinionated?
Give me a break!
I'm sorry, but if she was indeed ignorant of the truth about the Wakefield Study, then she should have kept her mouth shut until she learned the truth, but that wouldn't have given her the limelight and money that got from the tempest that she helped to create. And now, those diseases are on the rise again, and, now that the horses have escaped from the barn, she closes the barn door by recanting. Interesting. In the meantime, those horses are running wild all over the world, and, once out in the open, they are very difficult to corral once again.
reply by hayduke on July 17, 2013 9:44 AM ()
Raised in an era that didn't have a drug for everything including restless leg syndrome. Very grateful I wasn't. Even as a kid, I had my favorite stars, but never worshipped any one, and that was the era of Sinatra, who I was aware of but did not sell my soul to go and see when he was appearing locally. I liked erudite and witty actors like George Sanders and Alec Guiness. Thanks for run-down on medical aberrations.
comment by tealstar on July 16, 2013 5:18 AM ()
yes that cough is back again (did it ever leave) and there is a vaccination for it but some parents wont allow their kids to be immunised.
To hell with celebrities but they make money for glossy women's magazines
comment by kevinshere on July 15, 2013 9:10 PM ()
Yup and people are dying from measles again. Ignorance reigns!
comment by catdancer on July 15, 2013 8:30 PM ()

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